Remembering Miko

Miko Rwayitare

This year we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Late Miko Rwayitare who most regard to be the father of mobile telephony in the continent of Africa having made the first mobile call in 1986 in Congo DRC.

Miko was born in Dec 2nd 1942 in Rwanda and passed on 25th September 2007 at age of 64.

Miko is celebrated by intellectuals, students, technology entrepreneurs and all bound by the cords of innovation and courageous advancement through capital and great ideas.

This motivation Calls us to remember the impacts that improved and superior communication every anniversary of his passing. However this time is 10 years a significant milestone.

To this end a special commemorative ceremony is planned for March 23/24 2018 in Kigali Rwanda.

In 2001, he purchased the Mont Rochelle winery making it the first black-owned wine estate in South Africa now purchased by Richard Branson..among other investments.

Family, ex- Business Partners and all Friends of Miko, I am inviting you to join this “Friends of Miko” platform; share your ideas, photos, videos of what you remember of Miko.

More details on the 10 years anniversary event will be shared with you in coming months.

Albert Gatare


Dear Alberť

It is in deed 7 years . How time flies. Yet again it seems like yesterday.

Mike is sorely missed and your words and sentiments resonate with most of us and I am sure more to the family.

This vision will be achievedthrough the trustees and by the grace of God.

Regards to the family and may almighty console them in this moment of rememberance.

The message is very well written.

Most kind regards

Pat Muthui


Dear Albert, family and friends Miko.

Thank you for the heartfelt reminder Albert. Miko was truly legendary! I am blessed to have had the opportunity to met such an inspiring homegrown figure. May his legacy live on and his dreams be realised. The responsibility for this is upon us to realize his dreams.

RIP Miko!

Best wishes,

Mariam Abdullahi

Well thought and deep meaning for those to whom you have addressed this message.  THANK YOU BROTHER.

Kind Regards

Jean-Marie Nyaruhirira

Cher Albert,


Thank you so much for this warm note. My thoughts are with you and family as you are remembering your dear brother.  Indeed he was one of Africa’s & Rwanda’s greatest visionary leader.

Mireille Karera

So true Albert, Miko left a such wonderful legacy.  He will remain a such good inspiration for me and I believe to all had a chance to be close to him.

I am sure he is having fun and

Smiling where he is right now.

take care.

Eugène Kalinda

Time goes fast my brother. You put it very well. His legacy lives on. May his soul rest in peace!

Best regards,

Lionel Gahima


Miko lives in our hearts everyday and his achievements in this world   will never be forgotten. As you said in your email its important to bring to fruition his vision. I hope and pray that we can do this, please is it possible to let us have some information on the progress if any of the academy. RIP my dear friend Miko.


Bob Kabonero

Dear Albert,

Je suis de tout coeur avec toi en ce jour anniversaire du deces de Miko.

Comme les grands hommes, son heritage restera longtemps. A notre generation et la prochaine de perpetuer cela.


Eugene Nyagahene

Dear Albert,

I myself had not met late Miko but have read and followed his deeds , kind personality and legacy.  He was and still is a great inspiration to us who are especially in the telecommunications sector and a symbol of full dedication and commitment to all what he did.

As was quoted by a great philosopher “If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after life on earth, then he was a great man indeed” May God give us the ability and wisdom  to uphold his legacy .

Kind regards,

Joseph Ntaganzwa

The years of Miko’s passing away have  gone so quickly but his legacies remain fresh in our mind. His illustrious yet unassuming life are very exemplary and must inspire us all. Family, associates and friends must put heads and hands together to keep his visions for this potentially  great continent alive and pass on the torch. This we owe for the good of Africa in particular and rest of the world in general. May The Lord grant it, Amen.

Biodun Disu

Albert and Family

It is difficult to say something that has not already been said.

All I can say is Miko’s insperation will be alive with all of us for decades to come.


Adrian  Maguire

Hi Albert,

It’s already 7 years ago!

I was today around 3pm at Miko’s thumb to honor that “GREAT MAN OF AFRICA” as it so well written…but also a big brother and a model.

I was reviewing that 25th of september 2007.It was a hot day.I was sweating and I can’t say if it was caused by my emotion or the real warm weather.But it was a bright day like today ….without white pigeons.I’ve noticed that two trees on the both side of the thumb so small when planted years ago….and so big today ….like umbrellas giving shadow and refreshing the place.

So I concluded the MAN is resting in peace so thanks to God we gave us a so brilliant man.

I dont’ know how far is the educationnel project but after all these years we are still talking about ….project.Why don’t we start ????

I will surprise you if to tell you that I’ve already started  in DRC and I’m expecting to be able to launch in 3 years with God’s help. Annie and I we’ve bought a 20 hectares land .

So if every one can start from his country may be we can built a network “Miko’s Academy”through  Africa main cities. We can also raising funds amoung people who want to continue that dream.

In 3 years we’ll celebrate 10 years Miko’s memorial.

Can’t we, all those who are sharing Miko’s memory face that challenge ?????

God bless you all.


Thank you Albert for the message on a day to remember a man gone too soon, a man who was larger than life…glad to hear about such a great initiative in education and leadership, Miko’s own dream.

May this be a long lasting legacy, as people who knew him and who know you, you can count on our brotherly support.

“Les morts ne sont pas morts ..”


Thomas Nziratimana

Hi Albert


Yes 7 years ago…albert, is mix of feeling.. What is really ” We miss The great Man “like you described him..

Miko, your kindness, the warmth of your smile, your humility, your courage, and the peace inspires all of us.

Our prayer is; God to be with all of you dears and bless

With Love and prayer

Always yours


Thank you Albert.

Words only cannot describe who Mike was. Many will remember him as a visionary leader and business man but for me the most important part of him was his humanity.

Thank you God for having given Africa such a wonderful man.

Aimable Mpore

Dear Albert!

I can’t believe it is already 7years, it actually seems like yesterday.

Thanks so much for your mail and great message.

The hope of some of us is to see his vision for Africa and the whole humanity is achieved.

Take care Albert and God be with you and your family during this moment of rememberance.

Bosco Ndahiro

Cher Albert et Famille Miko,

Merci pour le message du septième Anniversaire du décès de notre Ami Miko.

Merci surtout de garder allumée la flamme d,amitié,d,affection et d,admiration que tous ses amis à travers le monde gardent pour Miko. Qu,il se repose en paix et à jamais et que son leg se frutifie sur le continent.


Nicolas Bwakira

Hi brother

The fond memories are still clear in my mind and heart. Our hearts will always be heavy whenever we reflect on what Miko did and meant for his family, friends, colleagues and even those who never met him but read or heard about him!

Let’s discuss the Academy when we next meet. We must keep it alive!

Thanks for your message. It brings us all together, albeit virtually, to reflect on our wonderful brother.

Love to all the family.

Paul Bugingo

Dear Albert,

This is a thoughtful and truthful statement!

Indeed Miko was without any doubt a great man !

He is missed and will be missed for many years to come.

We all loved him and join you and the whole family in prayers.

May his soul rest in peace.

Warmest regards.

Touny Travaly


“Death had robbed us with a great,wise and wonderful man, May your soul rest in peace father.”


“May you rest in peace father of communication.”

Bébé yoka (Switzerland)

“Dear Miko,

Rest in peace

God bless you”

Consolatta (USA)

“It is for editing an article about the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s not my name”

Mateso Jean (Rwanda)

“Mu gihe nabaye muli Congo, abanyarwanda twabaga hanze yuRwanda icyo gihe uyu musaza MICO tumuziho ubupfura nubwitange buhagije. Murabizi, yafashaga abanyarwanda bali barababaliye hanze, Yewe nabakongomani kuko yabanye nabo cyane tuzi twese Inama ze zifatika nizidafatika yatugiraga


Benjamin Sehene (France)

“It was a great honor to have met Miko. And he will be greatly missed.”

Trogermorton (Dr) UCD Dublin (Ireland)

“Dear friend, continue to shine on Africa your beloved land. You put the good of people before parish pump. Ladies and Gentlemen we have lost a great humanitarian. God Bless You.”

Leo Heinl (Germany)

“May you sit at the top table in heaven. You inspired so meny people and looked for nothing in return. Goodbye dear Miko maybe gone but always remembered.”

Georges M. HERMANN & Lydia Mugisha NDEZE (Rwanda)

“un grand homme est parti


Georges & Lydia”

Peter Ojwang (Kenya)

“Oh Dear,

I never knew this great man passed on. I worked on the construction of his golf course estate in Nyarutarama Kigali and was impressed by his humility and bussiness acumen. Truly Rwanda and Africa as whole will miss this great son of ours.
My the lord rest his soul in peace”

nzabandora (uRWABAY’UMWANDA…)

“Most probably Entrepreneur & friend but Husband & Father remains to be confirmed !The poor guy was bathing among the mafiosi of a Ruboneka family that shared him from one sister’s bed to the other & relations,all this orchestrated by a blood-thirsty mother.

-Steve the first-born carries the name of this guy that the so-called wife (Consolatta)has always dreamt of marrying (Jason)who by the way happens to be Gloria’s father.

This so-called wife went to the extent of sleeping around with drivers she brought Miko to employ.

His departure is the best thing that could happen since the guy was extremely tortured.”

Jean Pierre Kabahizi (USA)

” You were a great man,may God receive you with his blessings.
Heaven is yours and remember us.”

muzi poland nkosi (South Africa)

“he was a great man may his soul rest in peace, god gives and got takes he was born in this world to inspire all of us. he will be dearly missed but his teachings shall forever be kept in our hearts.”

Martin Mujyanama (Ireland)

“Imana imuhe iruhuko ridashira.Tuzahora tukwibuka ibikorwa wasigiye Afurika.”

jenniferkamel (Abidjan)

“Dearest In Christ,

I am Mrs Jennifer Kamel,from Kuwait.I am married to late Mr Kamel jammel, who worked with Kuwait Embassy in Ivory Coast for Twenty-Six years before he died in the year 2008,after a brief illness that lasted for only five days. We were married for Eighteen years with a duaghter(Linda)who later died in a motor accident.Before the untimely death of my husband,we were both born again Christians. Since after his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of (US$2.5M)(two Million,Five hundred Thousand United States Dollar) in a General Trust Account with a prime bank inAbidjan Cote d’Ivoire. Presently,this money is still with the bank.

Recently,Following my ill health, my Doctor told me that I may not last for the next eight months due to my cancer problem.The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness.Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a Christain organization (Church) that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein,according to the desire of my late husband before his death.I want this fund to be used in Christain Activities like,Orphanages, Christain schools, and Churches for propagating the word of God and to endeavor that the house of God is maintained.
The Bible made us to understand that “Blessed is the hand that giveth”. I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I don’t want my husband’s efforts to be used by unbelievers. I don’t want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am taking this decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that “the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace”. I don’t need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presence of my husband’s relatives around me always.I don’t want them to know about thisdevelopment.With God all things are possible.
As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank in Abidjan. I will also issue you the documents that will prove you the present beneficiary of this fund. I want you and the Church to always pray for me because the lord is my shephard. My happiness is that I lived a life of a worthy Christian. Whoever that Wants to serve the Lord must serve him in spirit and Truth. Please always be prayerful all through your any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing another Church for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein. Hoping to receive your reply.
Remain blessed in the Lord.
Yours in Christ,
Mrs Jennifer Kamel”

Tusiime Sanini (Uganda)

“Will always remember you for your good deeds.”

Denis MUBA KAMUANGA (France)

“Miko était vraiment un père pour nous ses employés de télécel-Congo, qui ne se souviendrait pas des ses rencontres avec l’ensemble du personnel au début de chaque année à l’Hôtel intercontinental de Kinshasa pour la présentation de voeux de nouvel an? Il avait vraiment un grand coeur pour ses employés. Que son âme répose en Paix!”

MARARA M Alexandre (Rwanda)

“We will never forget you.The most of Africa’s hope was in you. Now i know that you went to prepare for us something greater than we never knew because people like you cannot go for nothing.”

didi bucyana (RSA)

“Tu nous manques Tonton!!! A tes cotes nous avons appris beaucoup de choses,ce qui a fait de nous de gdes dames et de gds monsieurs,tu nous a appris a aimer le travail,…nous essayerons de suivre tes pas

Repose en paix”


“Thanks for having been an inspiration and a mentor in my life, you have shaped my adventure, and your vision stays alive in my life. You will live forever in our hearts, lives and you have set the path for Africans.Because you belong to a Continent as a whole and it has been a blessing for me to have met you.Your humility and kindness have touched me.You were an Uncle to so many of us and we hope to live to continue fearless and visionary.”

Mbela Hiza Pata Patrick ()

“He was one of the greatest man i met in my life.
May his soul rest in peace !!!”

Pastor Paul Ndahigwa/ Good News Church (Rwanda/ Gikongoro)

“I was born in Bukavu/DRC. I remember when I was very young i heard about Miko as an innovative person a rich man as the late Bisengimana. I haven’t seen him but appreciated his kindness. he helped so many people to improve their lives.Through his humbleness,he was able to care for these people really in need.
We are very sorry to miss him.
The best way to remember him is just to learn more about his working experience, kindness and humbleness. I know Jesus appreciate such person.
May God bless his family.”


“He paid for what he did. He was full of congolese blood…Kagame and Nkunda will follow soon.
I am sorry for us “

emma chipolina (Gibraltar)

“I have only started to learn of the mark Mr Rwayitare has left, in the last few days. My deepest sympathy to his nearest and dearest. May his vision remain as the link that binds together all that is good.


Emma Chipolina “

semadwinga claude (rwanda)

“ku muryango wa nyakwigendera Miko Rwayitare, dufatanye namwe mu kababaro ko kubura umuvandimwe wacu MIKO. Imana imwakire mu bayo kandi imuhe iruhuko ridashira semaboss”

bunyenyezi chris junior (uganda )

“dear family of rwayitare i send deep condolenses for the great father africa has los may his soul rest in peace.”

Yolanda E. Stevenson (United States)

“I extend the deepest sympathy to the Rwayitare family. Miko’s daughter, Ayele, and I, attended Syracuse University together. While I only met her father once, he was very pleasant and Ayele has always been a very kind person.

Please accept my condolences.

God Bless,


karungu bora (Belgium)

“Miko will be missed,
You will be missed phisically but spiritually we will always be with you. may your soul rest in peace”

Luke Lomax (South Africa)

“The great people are a rare find

Miko will be missed

My condolences to the Rwayitare family

Mr Luke Lomax”

Dr Ndaliko J-Mathieu (RDCongo_Kinshasa)

“Les temoignages sur Mr Miko sont aussi coherant que multiples, il n’a pas vecu en vain, il a surement accompli sa mission par rapport a lui meme, sa famille, ses amis, sa nation l’Humanite. Que son ame repose en paix.”

Dr Dennis Karangwa (South Africa)

“Conso, Gloria, Steve

We will be with you in this sad moment! May Dad rest in peace.

Dennis, Kwame, and Iliiza “

Nadine Kamiya (USA)

“All my condolences to the Rwayitare family. May this wonderful man Miko who was a father, husband and friends to so many people rest in peace. Be blessed!

Nadine and family

The One (South Africa)

“Everyone has they time.The Lord never takes someone if he is not pleased with the product that he has produced.The depature of Mr. Miko is not called death but it is called the start in a world that no one knows,but what we do know is that it way better than wherer he was.R.I.H(rest in happiness) the ones you knew might forget you but never forget what you did.”

hamisi wa hamisi (south africa)

“En apprenant la mort de Mr miko je n y croyais pas. c’ est vrai que nous ne sommes pas eternelle sur cette terre mais Mr miko est parti trop tot au moment ou l afrique et meme le monde avait encore besoin de lui c est fut un grande d homme de ce monde et je garde une pensee pieuse a son egard. Mes condoleances a la famille eprouvee.Quand je pense a ce palace a sandton qui laisse derriere lui et a toute ces entreprises qu il dirigeait je me dit il est parti trop tot. Mais il reste dans nos coeurs Miko tu es parti mes tes oeuvres continueront.Jeune que je suis tu reste pour moi un exemple dans la vie tu a battu le fer quand t il etais chaud pour arriver a cree ton empire. Mr Miko rest in peace “

Jean-Claude N. (USA)

“Miko has been a great inspiration for the young entrepreneurs of Africa. I grew up in Kinshasa where I saw Telecel growing from there to many other countries in Africa. I personaly remember Miko who saved the lives of his employees of Rwandan Descent in 2006. He helped them migrate to brazzaville and later on by freighted an airplane to Uganda. I was in that airplane, young, lost and wondering what the future will be. Since then many things happen, and I always promised myself, one day to meet him and thank him for saving my life and the lives of many other people. I will do so through this online condolence book!

May his soul rest in Peace.



My Condolence to the Rwayitare’s Family and Friends.”

Alice Schaut (USA)

“You Lived by Good Example.. You lived your true life with unconditional love to all. Love to your country men. I pray that we all keep dreaming big like you did and follow your footstapes. You paved the way for us. I hope we will never disapoint you.

What you have than for our continent will keep forever. You will be missed phisically but spiritually we will always be with you.

My prayers to your family. May you receive the comfort you need in this difficult time.

Imana Ibahe umugisha.


Alice Schaut

Mfuzi Emos (South Arica)

“I Reverend Mfuzi Emos, deeply regret the prompt death of Telecel International (Pty)Ltd great vision of access to Information Communication Technologies (ITC) to all Africans rich and poor by the late Miko Rwayitare. Although I have never met him or know him personally, I do believe his vision and dream must be preserved. Even today some people have accepted ICT to be used in churches, mosques, and other institutions of prayers and government institutions.

During the worst days of Apartheid in South Africa, my colleague, Nobel Prize Winner, Most Reverend Desmond Tutu openly spoke out agaist apartheid and its corrupt leaders. He continues to speak out against human rights abuses all over Africa,against corruption which has caused and continues to cause poverty and death in Africa.The late Miko’s dream and vision must be preserved and whoever deleted my messages is the enemy of the late Miko Rwayitare information Commucation Technologies dream and vision at least in its world concept.

In case of Rwanda’s government corruption and its Presidential jet leased to South Africa and paid by the government of Rwanda then refusal to let the general concerned citizen of Rwanda know is unacceptable in our modern times of “freedom of speech and freddom of press and ICT”.
Few days ago I read another article by Gikeri Ngunda citing the same issue of a president paul kagame’s presidential jet leased to South Africa and his concubines. That same message I do understand also has been deleted. There goes down democracy for all Rwandans and South Africans .
How can the World Bank and international donors who have spent millions of dollars inot Rwanda for poverty reduction and so called good governance and debt relief allow the president paul kagame and his government to misuse donors money unchecked?
Should the Rwandan government not open its books to international auditors? should the World bank allow these corrupt money mismanagements and embuzzelmement to continue in Rwanda and elsewhere in the name of poverty reduction?
I hear also paul kagame has shuffled his cabinet and dumped some old guards or demoted them by replacing them with majority women who he can simply hide behind them or use them as new scape goats.
What will the new cabinet ministers do in case of presidentail jet leased to South Africa? will they allow governmet of Rwanda and their ministries to continue to send illegal payments to corrupt South African business people?May God save Rwanda from corrupt leaders.
In memory of the late Miko Rwayitare’s dream and vision.
Rev. Mfuzi Emos”

Davis (South Africa)

“Sleep in peace the lion of Africa!”



jean-marie nkusi ()



“MIKO we will miss you”

Mudumbi (Congo/ England)

“May your soul rest in peace. I know we never get to meet but I know you were a very good friend of my dad and my brother johnny in south Africa. may God bless your family. Mudumbette” (Canada)

“Dufatanije akababaro kandi dukomeze ubupfura bgakurambere!
Jean-marie Nkusi na famille Donat Nkusi ,”

Michelle Nahimana (South Africa)

“May your soul rest in peace.”

Williamson Thoms (Tanzania/Rwanda)

“Dear Gloria Rwayitare and your family,


By Williamson Wilson From Dar es salaam -Tanzania”

Mr Saki Macozoma (South Africa)

“In my mother-tongue when a man of the stature of Miko passes on people say: Uwile umuthi omkhulu�E�Ethe big tree has fallen.
What do they mean when they say so? They mean that the person was like a big tree anchored to the soil , a symbol of longevity and resilience, the one that protected the family from lightning by absorbing it themselves, the one who gave shelter and the one who gave hope that storms come and go.
Our condolences to the Rwayitare family on their loss.

Litha Ogana (South Africa)

“May his soul rest in eternal peace,”

Stranger Kgamphe (South Africa)

“May MIKO rest peacefully and Afrika should NEVER forget his efforts….”



(LE 4 OCTOBRE 2007)

Cher MIKO ;

La délégation qui vient du Burundi pour vous rendre le dernier hommage comprend :
• Vos amis,
• Le Conseil d’administration, la direction, les représentants des Employés de U-COM Burundi,
• Les représentants du gouvernement du Burundi.

MIKO, l’ami du Burundi et des Barundi.

Cher Miko, votre mort inopinée a été ressentie et vécue avec beaucoup de douleur et de tristesse par beaucoup de burundais, particulièrement par les familles de vos amis, des membres du Conseil d’administration, de la Direction et du Personnel de U-COM Burundi.

Cher MIKO, nous savons que vous aimez le Burundi, et les Burundais vous considéraient comme leur frère.
Vous avez connu notre pays, qui est en fait le votre des votre jeune âge ; car votre papa et votre maman y ont passe la grande partie de leur vie active.

L’amour que vous avez toujours montre pour le BURUNDI vous a donne le courage et la détermination de continuer à investir des sommes colossales dans ce pays pendant une période d’une longue crise ou les risques étaient considérables pour les capitaux.

En effet, pionnier de la téléphonie cellulaire en Afrique vous avez décidé que le Burundi soit le 2eme Pays à bénéficier de cette nouvelle technologie des télécommunications. Ce fut la naissance de Telecel Burundi en 1993 qui est le témoignage le plus éloquent de votre attachement a ce pays et a ses citoyens. Grace au développement très rapide de Telecel Burundi, devenu en juin 2007, U-COM Burundi suite a l’introduction d’un nouveau réseau de téléphonie et d’internet  des centaines d’emplois directs et indirects ont été créés et procurent des revenus importants à de nombreuses familles et à l’économie du pays.

C’est donc compréhensible que des que la triste nouvelle a été connue dans la matinée du 25 Septembre 2007, il s’est produit une onde de choc qui a été ressentie avec une profonde douleur et une grande tristesse dans beaucoup de familles du Burundi.

A partir de ce moment, vos amis, la direction et le personnel de U-COM Burundi ont reçu des centaines de messages de sympathie et de condoléances de la part de leurs amis et des partenaires de U-COM d’un peu partout dans le monde !!!

Du cote officiel, le Chef de l’Etat du Burundi, Son Excellence Monsieur Pierre NKURUNZIZA a tenu à recevoir personnellement, l’Administrateur Directeur General de U-COM Burundi ; Monsieur Martin BAKA, pour lui demander de transmettre a votre famille et au personnel de vos sociétés, le message de sympathie et de condoléances du Gouvernement du Burundi.

MIKO, l’entrepreneur ;

Cher Miko, vos proches collaborateurs, qui ont eu le privilège de participer, sous votre haute direction, à l’édification des différents projets qui constituent dans leur ensemble l’œuvre grandiose que vous nous laissez en héritage, vous expriment aujourd’hui leur profonde gratitude !!

Ils savent qu’ils avaient, a la tête du groupe, un chef dote des qualités exceptionnelles, d’une intelligence vive qui se manifestait dans l’organisation parfaite des différentes entités du groupe et de leur coordination, dans le travail de réflexion en profondeur de prendre une décision d’investir.

Travailleur infatigable, vous aviez forme et habitue vos collaborateurs, a faire des analyses pointues et rigoureusement structurées qui aboutissaient a des conclusions pertinentes.
En introduisant le premier en Afrique la téléphonie cellulaire, vous vous êtes révélé comme un grand visionnaire d’une rare perspicacité.
En effet, vous avez très vite compris que ce moyen très moderne de communication était de nature a produire une amélioration considérable des possibilités d’accès au téléphone a des millions de personnes de notre continent !!

Cher MIKO vos collaborateurs étaient conscients que vous étiez un entrepreneur exigeant mais en même temps très proche d’eux et soucieux de leur bien être.

Vous considériez vos collaborateurs comme des compagnons de route et vos employés comme des enfants d’une même famille.
Vous étiez très attentif aux préoccupations de tous et de chacun, du plus haut grade au moins grade du groupe. Vous les entouriez de beaucoup d’affections et soyez sur que c’était réciproque.

Certains d’entre nous garderont toujours en mémoire le geste très noble et très émouvant que vous avez pose lors de la célébration de votre 60eme anniversaire : vous avez appelé votre cuisinier GABY et vous l’avez serre affectueusement dans votre poitrine, en guise de reconnaissance pour les bons et loyaux services qu’il vous a rendus pendant plusieurs décennies.
En voyant ce geste quelqu’un s’est exclamé en disant : quelle simplicité, quelle dignité, quelle grandeur !!!

Cher MIKO, vos collaborateurs que nous sommes, avons observe votre comportement dans des moments de grandes difficultés. Dans l’adversité, face a une situation difficile, et complexe devant laquelle nous commencions à douter, Vous, tel un grand capitaine de Vaisseau affichait un calme olympien pour rassurer les troupes avant de livrer la bataille décisive, Vous nous demandiez de réfléchir dans le calme et la sérénité en vue de dégager les solutions appropriées.

MIKO parmi ses amis ;
Cher MIKO, vos amis, au delà des merveilleux moments qu’ils ont passes en votre compagnie, garderont l’image d’un homme intègre, d’une fidélité sans faille aux amitiés, d’un homme d’une intelligence vive, d’un esprit ouvert et alerte, d’une grande simplicité dans la dignité et d’une compagnie agréable et enrichissante.

Vous resterez pour nous tous, le modèle de l’homme qui place les valeurs humaines au-dessus de toutes autres considérations notamment d’ordre matériel.

Cher MIKO, saviez-vous qu’en aucun moment vous ne vous êtes laissé grisé par les grands et nombreux succès que vous avez eu dans votre vie !!

Tous vos amis qui vous connaissent depuis de longues dates savent que vous avez un sens très élevé du respect de l’autre. Vous êtes un grand humaniste car vous teniez fermement au respect de la personne et de la valeur humaine.

Chaque fois qu’ils avaient l’occasion de passer un moment avec vous, ils savaient qu’ils avaient en face d’eux un homme d’une grande simplicité dans la dignité, les deux qualités à travers lesquelles on reconnaît les grands hommes.

Cher MIKO, votre disponibilité à écouter et à comprendre les préoccupations des autres, votre capacité d’inspirer la confiance et de créer la joie par votre sourire spontané et sincère étaient des gestes et attitudes qui nous indiquaient que vous aviez un cœur d’or. C’est de cela qu’émanait cette force magnétique qui attirait beaucoup de gens vers vous, des plus célèbres aux plus humbles de vos semblables.

Tout au long de votre carrière très riche, vous avez tissé un réseau de relations avec de nombreux partenaires dans plusieurs pays. Vous n’étiez pas seulement le citoyen de votre patri de naissance, ni celui de votre patri d’adoption, ni seulement celui des pays des grands lacs africains ; mais vous étiez devenus le citoyen du monde. La présence ici d’imminentes personnalités de différentes nationalités et qui viennent des 4 continents de la planète, constituent l’illustration solennelle de votre stature internationale.

Cher MIKO vous étiez un homme qui aimait la vie dans le sens le plus noble du terme et vous aimiez la partager.
Passer la soirée avec vous, c’était un réel plaisir. En effet, vous saviez mener nos cerveaux à naviguer dans des sujets varies, dont les nouvelles technologies que vous développiez passionnément et avec brio.

Les discussions sur ces sujets étaient très intenses et passionnantes, elles alternaient avec des blagues, les unes plus croustillantes que d’autres et qui provoquaient des rires à gorges déployées.

A la fin, on avait l’impression que le temps avait suspendu son vol, personne ne se souciait de l’heure qu’il faisait.
Pour tout cela, vos amis de toujours vous restent éternellement reconnaissants.

En ce moment lugubre ou nous sommes ici pour saluer pour la dernière fois notre ami et notre patron Monsieur MIKO, permettez-nous de dire à son épouse et à ses enfants que, tout en leur présentant nos condoléances les plus attristées, nous leur demandons de garder le courage car nous sommes convaincus que c’est cela que MIKO aurait souhaite, et de rendre grâce au Tout Puissant pour leur avoir donné un époux et un papa merveilleux aux qualités exceptionnelles.

Nous vous assurons de notre affection et de notre disponibilité à vous accompagner à traverser ces moments de dures épreuves.

Cher MIKO, que le Bon Dieu qui vous a fait le don de beaucoup de qualités exceptionnelles et dont vous en avez faites usage avec sagesse et efficacité pour le bien de vos semblables, vous accueille dans son Royaume et vous donne la récompense qu’Il a promise aux justes et a ceux qui ont aimé leurs prochains comme eux-mêmes.


Dr Twahirwa Setako Joseph (Belgique)

“Miko, mon cousin et mon ami,
Tu as atteint la communionde l’être et de l’avoir. car, il y a ceux qui sont mais n’ont pas et d’autres qui ont mais ne sont pas.

Tu as atteint la communion de la raison et du coeur. car, il ya ceux qui agissent avec raison et sans coeur, alors que d’autres font plaisir pour faire du tord , en agissant avec couer mais sans raison.

Tu as atteint le triangle du bonheur, qui est fait de SIMPLICITE, de LIBERTE et de GENEROSITE

AU TOTAL, tu as les 7 étoiles de l’excellence: L’Etre, l’AVOIR, la RAISON, le COEUR,la SIMPLICITE, la LIBERTE et la GENEROSITE.
Très peu d’hommes décrochent ces 7 étoiles à la fois. c’est pourquoi tu es inoubliable.


Frank Gatera (Rwanda)

“The country has lost a patriot and it will live to remember him”


“Most sincere condolences. May God grant him eternal peace!”

Maria A (Rwanda)

“May your soul rest in eternal peace”

Pasteur Enock Bagishya (Rwanda)

“You were a hero. We will never forget your courage to transform the world.”

Alphonse Sorozo (Rwanda)

“Mpoz’umuryango nsezere k’umukunzi

Muvandimwe nshuti nziza,

Nihanganye mbabaye cyane,
Ngo mpoz’umulyango, nawe ngusezereho.
Ntibyoroshye kubishobora, cyane mu gihe nki’ki.
Simbishoboye mbyifuza, IMANA ibinshoborere.

Nshuti ya benshi itagira amakemwa,
Nubwo rutamenyerwa, kutakugira birababaje.
Aho wavutse iwanyu iRwanda,
Ndetse n’ahandi wagiz’akamaro, Icyunamo ni rusange.

Ingeso nziza zisesuye, z’ubupfura n’urukundo,
Byuzuyemo ubuhanga, nibyo byaranze ubuzima bwawe.
Kugupfusha n’igihombo, ku byiza wajyaga gukora.
Ni igihombo kubo wakunze, hamwe n’abagukunze benshi,
Cyane cyane abo mwakoranye.
Ni igihombo kubura nkawe mu Rwanda rwakubyaye.

Rugero rwiza rwi’ingirakamaro,
Ibikorwa byawe wakoze henshi,
Uhereye muri KONGO,
Igihe ubakuye mu bwigunge,
Bakabikesh’ubwenge bwawe,
Iteka buter’imbere, mu bitekerezo bikwiye.
Wabahimbiye TELECEL, itumanaho ry’ubuhanga,
Twakwita igitangaza, cyatumye bakurata
Bagushimir’ubwo buhanga, bwakuyeho ubwigunge,
Bakogeza uwabuhanze.

Warashimwe bishyira kera,
Bitewe n’ishyaka ryawe
Risanzwe ry’abanyarwanda,
Ryabaye ikirenga bikugir’lkirangirire.
Abagukunda bose, icyo twifuriza hamwe twese,
Imico yawe n’ingeso nziza, byakuranze mu bihe byose,
Nuko byaba umurage ukomeye, mu bana no mu mulyango,
Kugira ngo izina ryawe, ryoye kuzazimira.

Isangire iyaguhanze, Imana ihoraho iteka,
Uruhukire mu mahoro.

. (Kigali, Rwanda)

“YOu left behind a good testimony, may your soul rest in peace”

Pasteur Martin Butacama (Kigali, Rwanda)

“Our God is Alpha & Omega, at all times. He can still start again even after an Omega….”

Dysu (South Africa)

“Dear Miko, thanks for all that you have done for so many”

I Pesic (South Africa)

“Dear Mr Miko, I will miss you. Thank you for everything.”

Eric Mwangi (South Africa)

“He was an inspiration to many and you are blessed to have had him for the time he was here. Our prayers are with you always.”

Liona (South Africa)

“So sorry for your loss- Conso, Steve & Gloria. may the Lord comfort and protect you in His peace”

Sarah S (South Africa)

“I’m very sorry for your loss. Although I didn’t know Miko well, he was a good man. Lots of love”

Jadot (South Africa)

“May your soul rest in peace”

Ntsoaki Motlhako (South Africa)

“Years may pass tears may dry biut the memory of your loved one will stay forever”

M Sakindi (South Africa)

“It is a big loss for all of us. But we will meet you again in heaven and no death will be again.”

Eugene Nyagahene (South Africa)

“Nothing I could say could bring you back. We will miss you! Rest in Peace.”

Dominique, Bruno & family (South Africa)

“For the greatest honour that we have for you and your family. May the Lord be with you”

Helen Chinyanta (South Africa)

“Rest in eternal peace”

Robert L Edward (South Africa)

“We will miss you a lot”

N Justin Chinyanta (South Africa)

“The Lord gives and the Lord takes. Blessed be the name of the Lord – we thank Him for a life that greatly influenced us. may his soul rest in our Lord’s eternal peace.”

Fifi M Rurangwa (South Africa)

“It is very difficult to accept and beleive that Miko is gone. But I strongly beleive that we shall meet him in heaven one day. May his soul rest in eternal peace. We are greatfull to be his children and him our best”

Mr Justine (South Africa)

“Our sincere condolences. May God strengthen, guide and encourage you”

Itow Michael Ndebele (South Africa)

“God gives and God takes. He is Lord, may he bless you forever.”

Dr D R Nzaba CEO Itel Group Holdings (South Africa)

“Man of honour and mentor for all of us. Gone but not forgotten”

Peggy Mutabaruka (South Africa)

“My friend Miko, it was an absolute honour to have met such a GREAT MAN. We shall never forget you. Hope you are enjoying some nice wine up there in Heaven.”

John & Alice Frater (South Africa)

“Fondest memories. Rest in peace, God bless. Lots of love”

Dieudonne Ba Kavani (South Africa)

“In memory of my brother, hero, role model. I will miss you forever”

HE Jan Mutton Ambassador of Belgium to SA (South Africa)

“In memory of a remarkable man, Mr Miko Rwayitare, a pillar of Economic progress in Africa and a true friend of Belgium”

Glen & Jette Scott (South Africa)

“You will be greatly missed, but there is another life waiting for you where you will be treasured as always”

Dee (South Africa)

“The Lord has great plans for you! Remain blessed and may He keep you and lift you through this hard time”

Maria Mosha (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare family:
You have no idea how many lives you have touched Miko. You will be sorely missed”

Jean Bosco Ndahiro & family (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare family:
We have lost a true man. Miko you will be remembered forever.”

Andrew Mthembu (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare family:
Sincere condolences. In God we trust for we know that in death and in sickness , He will always provide. May He give you strength to carry on in the wake of our beloved brother, mentor and friend’s passing.Miko will rest in peace knowing that he touched the hearts of many Africans!”

Eric Nhlapo & Family (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare Family:
In these difficult times, please remember that it is in dying that we have everlasting life. Miko was God’s gift to us, he is now in the hands of our eternal Father.”

Elizabeth Kutesa (Uganda)

“Miko will be remembered for his richness of character and spirit. May the Lord give you a crown of glory which you so greatly deserve for your big heart. God speed.”

Naomi Jetaime (South Africa)

“To the family:
I am so so so sorry for your loss. Your father/ husband was a great uncle and we will definately miss him. Lots of love”

Thabo Motea (South Africa)

“We will miss Miko’s visionary, pioneering finesse. We have the family in our prayers”

Denis de Pentheny O’Kelly (South Africa)

“Miko was an inspiration to all those he touched. He was of such great importance to me and so many many others. I feel in my deepest reaches such pain at his passing and can only begin to understand the pain that you his family feel. My deepest condolences, my prayers and my love are with you to give you strength to carry forward and fulfill Miko’s dreams for you all, Conso and all his children. In God we trust and may he rest in peace.”

Moss Leoka & Family (South Africa)

“Great loss, not only to his own family, but also to all of us. Miko was my colleague in the business community and we therefore share in the sadness & grief of his family and dear ones”

Lyn Williams (South Africa)

“Dear Miko,
The rains have fallen at your earthly home in Sandhurst.
You must be watching!
You must be proud!
It’s almost perfect!
The flowers keep coming!
The music plays!
Isaac stands at the gate and all the guests come and go……..
Goodbye our friend
We’ll meet again at our home in the sky…”

Lyn Williams (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare family:
You have a true friend in a foreign country. Sincerest condolences”

William Kalema – Chairman Bankom Ltd (South Africa)

“Dear Miko, you had a great mind and a big heart. We will all miss you – your wisdom, your humour and your help. You have inspired us. May God bless you.”

Zanele & Lebo Motsei (South Africa)

“Miko you will be dearly missed by all who knew you. You have flown away on eagles’ wings to a place where we know we will once again meet.”

Steven Zhang & Stanley (South Africa)

“As a strategy partner of Huawei, it was our great honour to work with him together to enrich the communication and life of African Society. His faith in Huawei is highly appreciated. His death is a great loss to both Huawei and the industry. He will be memorised by his smile, his humour, his passion and his spirit.”

Elizabeth Davies (South Africa)

“To all family,
Mr Miko has ended his journey and he taught us all to pack our suitcases for our own journey with generosity and kindness & love.”

Emile Rakotondrafara (South Africa)

“Miko, my hand is shaking and it’s hard to find words to write. But I’ll try my best to say thank you for what you have done for the entire family. We will miss you a lot. Stay in peace and we will always remember you.”

Julie Chambers (South Africa)

“To all of Miko’s family & friends: All I can say is “What a man!”. An absolute priviledge to hane known (unfortunately too short). My condolences.”

Winnie B (South Africa)

“Thank you Miko for being my friend. May God rest you in peace. You will be missed”

Roger Blain – GTS (South Africa)

“A great man, will be greatly missed”

Lisa & Kim (South Africa)

“The world is a poorer place without Mr Miko. Rest in peace.”

Collin & everyone from Kopano (South Africa)

“We will miss you greatly Miko”

William & Jackie Byaruhaya (South Africa)

“Very sorrowful time. Everyone who knew Miko will know that ” here lies a good man”. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Sincere condolences to the family”

Chris & Podi Hassami (South Africa)

“Our heartfelt condolences and prayers. While we will miss Miko we should let his life be an inspiaration to all of us. May his soul rest in peace.”

Espe Bgoeno (South Africa)

“God glorified Himself in & through your life and then shown His glory in taking you our brother. Rest in peace.”

Stanley Tshabalala (South Africa)

“May your soul rest in peace.”

Donald Nyakairu (South Africa)

“What a loss of a great man with a lot of vision. God bless your soul”

Jacqueline Nzisabira (South Africa)

“May the living God be there for your family. May He be the husband to your wife and the father to your children!”

Sacha (South Africa)

“May God be with you and grant you peace in his kingdom”

Margaret Mallon (South Africa)

“Mr Miko,
I met you but once, but the impression you left was everlasting”

Jacques Rossouw (South Africa)

“Mr miko, fantastic to have known and worked with you.”

Kim (South Africa)

“Mr Miko our inspiration and leader. Rest in Peace.”

Dee Viljoen (South Africa)

“Mr Miko, what a wonderful leader and a great man. Larger than life.”

Reni & Tunde Folawiyo (South Africa)

“A colossus, a giant, an inspirational leader, a visionary, a teacher, a wiseman, but above all… a simple and humble man with a huge heart. What can we say? We thank God for his life and for having had the opportunity albeit briefly to interact with him. It is a time we will always cherish, and Miko’s memory will remain very fondly in our hearts.
May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen. Our thoughts are with you, his family at this time”

Irene & Clement Charnley (South Africa)

“To the family of Miko
We herewith pay tribute to the life of Miko Rwayitare, a man of indomitable spirit, an African pioneer of our time whose determination, consistency and belief to the introduction of GSM in Africa has been legendary.
We have witnessed how he shaped the communications industry in Africa and how his first bold move to bring a voice to so many has made a difference in the life of so many others.
Miko’s every deed speaks of leadership. He had the ability to see the broader picture and to always project himself beyond the immediate focus. His wisdom and clarity of vision marked his leadership.
Miko was the magnet that drew us all together, his family, his friends, his business associates, men and women. He had humility and he inspired.
The loss of Miko is a loss not only to his family and friends but a loss to the African Continent as a whole. We shall miss him dearly Miko’s legacy and greatness shall continue. He paved the way for us which we are now proud to follow. Long live Miko’s Legacy………
With great love and admiration,
Irene & Clement Charnley”

Jeonelle (South Africa)

“Dearest Miko, I miss you so much. I can’t understand why you had to depart from us so early. We love you much and pray that your soul will rest in peace. Lots of love”

Mrs M Zim (South Africa)

“Our deepest condolences to the family of Miko may you gather strength from God now and always. May his soul rst in peace.”

Ingrid Mafanya (South Africa)

“What a loss. May you find peace from all the happy memories”

Jean-Claude Yawili (South Africa)

“Thanks for the dad you were, may your soul rest in peace”

Lardo Stander & Family (Riaan, Carin, Karen, Nian) (South Africa)

“You will be truly missed Mr Miko. Thank you for your life and thank God for it most of all. Regards”

Chris & Angie (South Africa)

“We wish the family a lot of happiness through this difficult time. All the best. Lots of love”

Edgar Katiti (South Africa)

“May God bless this family. Rest in peace!”

Max (South Africa)

“You will be missed by all of us”

Loretta Kahirita (South Africa)

“God will see you through”

Brenda Kahirita (South Africa)

“God’s strength in this difficult time”

Lydia de Souza & Woitik Skowvonski (South Africa)

“Thank you for enabling us to change our thinking”

Allan Swanepod (South Africa)

“Your great leadership will be missed by all who you have inspired. For the family, my condolences at the loss of your husband, father and role model to all of us. May there be peace among us. You will be missed by all of us.”

Bonita Burrell (United States)

“My prayers and condolences to all of Miko’s family. Miko was a truly remarkable business man and human being. I admired his ethics, energy and vision. I am broken hearted that we did not get to spend more time with him on this earth but I am so glad that I could be a witness to the miracles that God worked through him. I wish that more African Americans had the opportunity to get to know of him when he was here with us but I pray that the story of his life will be inspirational to all of us in the diaspora.”

Sylvie Kanimba (South Africa)

“A great man”

Mike Hodgkinson (South Africa)

“Go well, God’s peace for your family”

Peter & Ana Barry (South Africa)

“Great man! All our love to the family”

Michele & Christiane (South Africa)

“We will miss the greatest businessman in telecomms”

Charles Kemper (South Africa)

“Sincere condolences”

Chris & Mimi Efinda (South Africa)

“May the Lord of Grace keep and protect the Rwayitare family”

Nik Watson (South Africa)

“Gone too soon. Love to all Family”

Derek Welensky (South Africa)

“Sincere regrets & love to Miko’s loved ones”

Sajeed Sacranie (South Africa)

“A great loss : a great inspiration”

Ayanda Dlodlo (South Africa)

“To a good friend: May your good soul rest in peace.”

Jaco Naude (South Africa)

“From the GTS family and me personally we are going to miss a great leader and friend.”

Katherine Tweedie (South Africa)

“My tribute to a wonderful and inspiring man who was so many things to so many people but especially a man of peace.”

Jean Ndimurukundo (South Africa)

“It is with our deepest Sympathy that we wish to comfort your family in these sad moments. He was a father & brother to all of us and an inspirational human being to an entire generation”

Dr K Kalumiya (South Africa)

“We have lost a great son of Rwanda, Africa and indeed the entire world. We always treasure the memory of those occassions we had,opportunity to meet with you and your family. Rest in eternal peace”

Nadia Uwizeye (South Africa)

“Rest in peace”

Richard & Cathy Rujugiro (South Africa)

“You have left us for a better life, it is with great sorrow that we are left our uncle”

Pierrette Bondo (South Africa)

“Your life will be an inspiration for many”

Hermand N Bondo (South Africa)

“Success wih succession is indeed a success”

Stella Karangwa (South Africa)

“Goodbye my dear friend”

Bachelara Ghomardout (South Africa)

“Rest in peace”

Edwin & Adele Tjali (South Africa)

“Rest in peace son of God”

Ronke (South Africa)

“Rest in peace”

Tammy Davidson (South Africa)

“You are in our prayers. God bless.”

Vimta & Rabeun (South Africa)

“Our deepest sympathy to your family”

Connie Muvunyi (South Africa)

“God gives & God takes. May your soul rest in eternal peace.”

Raymond Kramer (South Africa)

“May your dear soul rest in peace. You were an inspiration to so many.”

Thozamile & Baba Botha (South Africa)

“May the spirit of Miko live on”

Glen & Jette Scott (South Africa)

“May you rest in peace and you will always be missed”

Anna Getareh & Admassu Tadesse (South Africa)

“May God be with you during this time”

Basil Karimbe (South Africa)

“You are our mentor, example……..we will try to emulate”

Feza Kagubare (South Africa)

“Always with you”

Lisasi Imato Francis (South Africa)

“We will never forget you ( Telecel DRC 1995)”

Zanele Motlama (South Africa)

“You will always be remembered by the family. Rest in peace”

Fazela Haniff & david Himbara (South Africa)

“May you enjoy your peace and keep shining your love on your family”

Ezra & Chantal Bunyenyezi (South Africa)

“Dear Family – To the Bunyenyezis Miko shall always live. This is only a temporary departure and look forward to an always rememberance”

Hakizimana Family & Alphone Mpatswenumuga Family (South Africa)

“Miko was a great man who cared about others. May God give him peace”

Jean-Marie & Albertina (South Africa)

“Our condolences to the great family”

Mahmoud Salem-Joemetal (South Africa)

“Our condolences to the family, he was a great man and his marks on people will always last. May he rest in peace and I hope that that this will be the last of the family grief”

Keith & Joyce Stewart (South Africa)

“We will miss you Miko. You touched all our hearts at Pezula. A friend forever”

B Vundla (South Africa)

“Miko will be missed by all his South African friends. Rest in peace good man.”

Jolie Murenzi (South Africa)

“To the family: We will always remember him through you. May God Almighty keep you strong for the rest of your life. May his soul rest in peace.”

Potlaki, Liyanda, Warona, Rebeng & Kelame Maine (South Africa)

“Chéres Amis, Life MUST go on. We will always be there for you all, the Rwayitares, Gatares etc. Lots of love”

Nthato Motlana (South Africa)

“This a real tragedy! However we wish to congratulate you for a life well lived. You have created an empire that will live on. My condolences to the family”

Dr Lucie Kalinda (Canada)

“It has taken me several days to express what I want to say about Miko because there was something “more” that has been so hard to define. Beyond such important work and success in the business he has done not for wealth or prestige, but because it needed to be done to its full potential, he was truly a brilliant leader with unique foresight and love for mankind human. He was a very humble and good-hearted person and a very important personality. He contributed his time, intellect, financial support to others. He made us all so very proud. Every time, he was gracious and generous with his time, resources, and professional advice so with good humor and great love
As a mentor, he was extremely generous in sharing knowledge and experience, his wisdom and insight have enriched my creativity and improved my critical thinking.
His family has suffered indescribable losses. Miko left a living treasure to this world in the form of his children which he taught a strong sense of unity and love. My deepest thoughts go to Conso, Albert, Alphonsine, Josephine and my prayers are with you during this difficult time. He would want us to be strong and I know you will continue the legacy of his life. What helps a great deal is remembering the good memories and good times you had with Miko.
I will remember many things he said and the things he told us that were good and right

May God grant him a heavenly reward for countless good things he achieved

Dr Lucie Kalinda

Wandile Motlana (South Africa)

“Deepest condolences to all for the loss of a true African Icon. Miko will remain one of my true mentors and heroes with a name and reputation that will last through eternity. God bless your soul.”

(South Africa)

“There aren’t enough words to convey my condolences to the family for the loss. All I can say is May the love of our Father bind us in this time of need. Rest in peace”

Memory Shamuyarira (South Africa)

“There just aren’t any words in the English vocabulary or indeed any other language to describe accurately the compassion and kindness Mr Miko extended to me personally as to everyone around him. Suffice to say that my heart bleeds at the loss of a man I considered a father to me. Rest in peace Mr Miko.”

Mr & Mrs Pettersen (South Africa)

“May he rest in peace and please keep his memories close to your heart”

Hannie Kasselman (South Africa)

“The world lost one of the Greatest man, but God won someone who has always been close to His heart. May the Lord always be with the Rwayitare family.”

Monique Channon (South Africa)

“God bless your family and keep you all together throuh this very sad time- just remember he is in a much better place. Love you all lots”

Claude Kabambi (DRC)

“May your soul rest in peace”

Kenin Titmas (South Africa)

“Keep the memories close to your hearts! He will be withyou forever!”

Ed Marchand (South Africa)

“A Great Man”

Joe Ndekwe (South Africa)

“A good man has left us…. We are all orphans”

Bryan Slater (South Africa)

“Miko mon peàe, you inspired us all to think bigger & better. You will be missed but not forgotten. best wishes to the family, take comfort in the memory of a great member of the human race”

Dennis Mugwanya ( Andrew Corporation) (USA)

“Our condolences to the family. Miko was a hero and a great human being in addition to all his accomplishments.”

Weaver Simmons (South Africa)

“May the Lord be with you”

Charlotte Kaheru Bankou (Uganda)

“It’s hard to beleive that such a great man is gone.A true blessing to all that met him. May the Lord comfort his family.”

Mr & Mrs Eric Mwangi (South Africa)

“A loss to many many people. God rest your soul in eternal peace.”

Zanele Xuza (South Africa)

“Your sudden departure is a great loss to the world. Rest in peace”

Lynton (South Africa)

“Miko was gentle, humble and inspiring”

Richard & Kalti Bouma (South Africa)

“The father of telecommunications in Africa, a man of vision, a man of Africa but above all a family man, we will miss you.”

Edgar Kamupira (South Africa)

“what a great loss to Africa. He was indeed a true icon. Will greatly miss you!!!”

Ilana Bellotto (South Africa)

“It was an honour to have known Miko but an even greater honour to have walked behind him”

Silvan Naidoo (South Africa)

“Miko was a father to me. Will always remember him for his honorability, integrity, fairness & love he showed me. God bless.”

Jean-Claude (Petit) (South Africa)

“may God always be with you. We will miss you”

Janusz K Kudla (South Africa)

“Rest in peace Miko, you were unique. They don’t make people like you anymore”

James Wanjogi (South Africa)

“May God rest his son in eternity. We will miss you Miko”

Sarah Kiyingi-Kawesa (South Africa)

“May your soul rest in peace Miko”

Judith Aidoo (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare Family; May God bless and strengthen you. I stand with you to carry on the good works of your father. Stay in faith, much love Judith”

Ngameni marie (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare Family, be still and know the he is God.”

(South Africa)

“To my other father, thank you for your truth and vision”

Popol (South Africa)

“Miko, for me you are still with us. I’m going to enjoy life like you told me to, with lots & lots of love”

sanza guy (Zaire)

“Great visionary, great mind, out the usual with enormous business instinct you will alwaysm be an inspiration for many who always aspire to run businesses accross the continent, us Zairean will be always proud of you.que puisse ton ame repose en paix.”

Peter Bronkhorst (son) (South Africa)

“You were my strength, vision and pillar, there is a void that will not be filled. We will always remember you to time indefinite”

Mwesigwa – Rakutane(Hon) (South Africa)

“You will be remembered for your immense contribution which will continue to ingnite feelings of love. We love and cherish you”

Dr & Mrs Lincoln Mboweni (South Africa)

“May his soul rest in peace and may you always be left with fond memories of the good life he has given you as a faily, business community of the nation. We ask God to give you strength to accept His will as we all know that we are on a journey , our destination is is heaven John 14: 1”

Pat Malabela (South Africa)

“What a loss of a Great Son of Africa. God bless. Rest in peace”

Angel Musoni (South Africa)

“You were an inspiration to me. You were a model for young people. Your generosity was God-given. Rest in peace, and may God bless your soul.”

Patrick Kabonero (South Africa)

“The time I knew you will for ever memorable. The wisdom I learnt from the direction you gave to UTL will not be in vain. Mat the good Lord rest your soul in everlasting peace”

Benoit Nzisabira (South Africa)

“A great leader of our people has fallen. may the good God be gracious to him”

Xavier Franklin Chungu (South Africa)

“Goodbye my friend, brother and mentor. May your soul rest in peace”

S G Muntanga (South Africa)

“May you rest in eternal peace”

Sibongile Nkuna (South Africa)

“You were a hero, may your soul rest in peace”

Mariam Abdullahi (South Africa)

“An inspiration to so many. You will be missed greatly. God bless.”

Jacques Rossouw (South Africa)

“We will miss you Mr Miko”

Kim Bruce (South Africa)

“A Mentor – will miss you”

Dee viljoen (South Africa)

“Will miss you more than anything”

Margaret Mallon (South Africa)

“A man who inspired so many great things”

Betty Waughi Gikonyo (South Africa)

“God loves Miko so much He preferred him to head us home”

aggie k (RWANDA)

“”I was in deep SHOCK when i received that call that Miko had passed away!” I called up some his relatives who are my friends and then believed the good humble man was gone.

I got to know of Miko when he bought UTL in Uganda. But i go to meet him in 2003 when i moved to SA and often went to his amazing home -i found him a down to earth person with all that he had he was truely humble and a great person.

Yesterday, was one month already since the Almighty took him away from us. Like they say-the good ones go first very true for Miko. MAY THE GOOD LORD STRENGTHEN CONSO,THE CHILDREN,& RELATIVES.Words can never be enough to comfort you but we are with you in spirit.


Love and blessings
aggie ”

Maurice Gatamba (Canada)

“Africa has lost a leader,a pioneer,a role model and a philanthropist.May his Ubuntu,Noble Acts,brilliance,Caring of Others and his vision live on in this World,especially in our Africa.My Condolences to the Miko family.”

Rwabikinga Jean Bosco (Drc)

“Nous remercions les personnes qui ont eu la bonne idée de créer ce site afin que les amis de la famille de Miko puisse lui présenter les condoléances. Ma famille saisis justement cette occasion que m’offre ce site pour témoigner ma douleur et mon chagrin envers celui qui fût mon patron pour l’avoir cotoyé au quotidien et apprecié son savoir faire , sa vision, et ses qualités de meneur d’homme , bref un père pour tous ses agents. Miko a vécu et sa vie va laisser des traces inéffaçables. Mon voeux est que son oeuvre puisse être perpetuée afin d’honorer sa mémoire.
Que son âme repose en paix.
Rwabikinga Jean Bosco et Rwaburindi Charlotte”

Samour (Rwanda)

“May the Lord reward Miko for his generousity and the good work he did to everyone.”

Charlotte Nzanana (United States)


Nous sommes parmi ou les seuls qui n’avaient pas eu la chance de vous presenter nos condoleances.Mais ceci faute de coordonnees telephoniques ou electroniques que je viens d’etre en possession.
C’est avec milles et sinceres regrets qu’on a appris la mort de ton frere Miko qui etait aussi un frere a nous tous et cela juste une semaine d’ecart avec la disparition d’un autre frere Clement Ngira.
Ca a ete une grande perte pas seulement pour vous sa famille et amis mais aussi une grande perte pour tous ceux qui l’ont connu a travers l’Afrique et dans le monde.
Ainsi, j’ose croire qu’il n’est pas tard de vous presenter nos condoleances les plus attristes de la part de la famille Nzanana.


Michel Helbig de Balzac (BELGIUM)

“I keep an oustanding souvenir of Miko as both an intuitive entrepreneur (namely through VOICE INSIGHT as Board of Directors members) and as a world citizen ( and member of the UN millenium team) concerned by the important issues Africa is facing today;His wife and family must know that we are at disposal to hel them to continue the challenges Miko had started to raise;”

kiki karayenzi (Rwanda)

“Miko était un grand Monsieur,toutes mes condoléances a sa famille,que son âme repose en paix ”

Marie Mukayuhi (Zimbabwe)

“Dear Miko,

I personnally never met you, but heard about you.
For some you were a teacher, for others you were a mentor;
for many you were a brother , for many more you were a friend.
When I heard the shocking news, I remembered the poem “Lives of Great Men” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
“Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;
Footprints, that perhaps another,
Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
Seeing, shall take heart again.

Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.

Great men do not die, Miko, you have bought the ticket of immortality.

Pierre-François KAMANOU (France)

“Je suis profondément triste et choqué de la disparition subite de Miko, ce grand pionnier des télécoms mobiles en Afrique, que j’ai eu le privilège d’avoir comme patron. Que le Dieu tout puissant lui accorde toute sa grâce pour la vie éternelle. Il restera pour moi une référence dont je rêve de suivre les pas.

Wendy Luhabe (South Africa)

“Conso aand teh family, turi kumnwe kandi dusangiye umubabarn. So much can happen in a single day, it almost takes one’s breath away, between the rising and the setting of the sun, a life may end, or a new one begin… on September 25th between the setting of the sun and teh rising of it, Miko Rwayitare’s extraordinary life ended abruptly, and with it, a part of us that was touched by him witnessed his transition to eternal bliss, a true stateman in his own right. I was first introduced to Miko by one of his business partners James Makhamba from Zimbabwe who is now in exile in the UK. We met at a GSM conference in Cannes. I was not just inspired by Miko’s vision to revolutionise the way Africans communicate when he pioneered and established the mobile industry on the continent, but I was struck by his commitment to teh upliftment of the African people through the application of technology. His vision was to leapfrog into a knowledge economy, a continent whose people can hold their own with integrity on the global stage.
Miko first arrived in South Africa in 1996, two years after South Africa’s historic democracy and obtained his citizenship in November 2006. I remember how excited he was when he became a South African citizen. Over ten years Miko build an impressive empire which ranged from Telecommunications, Mining, Wine Making and luxury accommodation in Franschoek to Property development investing during 10 years over $100m. At the time of his death he was in discussions to emarge his leisure interests in Franschoek with Pezula Resort to be able to offer foreign tourists a unique experience of the best South Africa has to offer.
Miko’s latest passion was GTS Global Technology Solutions to privide broad band access to every household. The continent and South Africa in particular has lost a courageous, visionary leader and an outstanding human being. Miko never stopped dreaming, everyone who met him was inspired. He considered South Africa his home and made friends with many South Africans that he met over teh 10 years. I personally experienced Miko as a pioneering visionary entrepreneur whose contribution to the African continent is a legacy, as a devoted loving husband to Conso, a devoted, loving and challenging fatehr to all his children as a devoted and dedicated son to his mother, and a more generous friend one could not ask for.
When we were discussing what for us feels like untimely death for Miko with my husband, Premier Shilowa, who was also known to Miko, he said, if we imagine tat we are all flowers in God’s garden then we must accept that when God wants one of his flowers, God picks the best flowers from his or her garden. We must accept that Miko’s work was done, as painful as it is that he is no longer among us. We will not see him again, hear his voice, see his smile and experience his warmth. Miko touched many lives, his untimely death is a great loss to many, particularly his young wife and children… but he has left us many wonderful memories. My only regret is that he left before he could fulfill his ultimate dream of building a Leadership University to develop African leaders. Miko would not want us to mourn him, he wold want us to celebrate his life. He lived a full life, he touched many lives, he made a difference to the world. For those of us who knew him, we are privileged, we have been enriched by knowing him.
Miko Rwayitare was a caring person, a very special soul, a very unique man, a man of his word, a man of principle, a man of conscience. His death is monumental but let it remind us to live purposefully.
We will miss you Papa Bear, lala ngoxolo sweetie as we used to call each other. ”

mdiliz mabasa (south africa)

“your work will always be with us and you will be forever be in our memory;please rest in peace”

Freddy Kabano & Family. (Dallas,Tx,USA.)

“We can’t say enough how much your life is an inspiration for us and future generations.Hopefuly a book will be written about your struggles and successes. It was an honor to have meet and exchange with you last summer in S.A.
We will never forget.Thank You.”

Sharon (South Africa)

“What a deep sense of loss and sadness your passing on evokes.”

Fanfan Rwanyindo (Rwanda)

“Les grands hommes ne meurent pas…Je garderai toujours à l’esprit le dynamisme et la générosité de ce grand visionnaire qui est une source d’inspiration pour ceux qui veulent le meilleur non seulement pour eux mais aussi pour les autres. Ma prière est que Dieu console et soutienne jour après jour toute sa famille et tous ceux qui sont affligés par son départ.”

Cathie Chisanga (Zambia)

“My condolences to the Rwayitare family on the passing of Miko Rwayitare, I personally worked as Personal Assistant to the Managing Directors of the then Telecel Zambia Limited and as such I interacted a lot with Miko whenever he came for Board meetings. I will miss him greatly because despite his riches he was a humble man. may God almighty guide his family in everything they will endeavour to pursue in future.


Ethel Chanda Mulenga (Zambia)

“It is difficult at a time like this to find words that would even slightly begin to describe what a great man Miko was. I met him while working for Telecel Zambia. He has touched and enriched so many lives and while his physical presence is no longer with us, his spirit will live on. The world, not only Africa, has lost a great sefless man.

My sincere condolonces to his Wife and Children. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

Webster C.Katontoka (Zambia)

“Miko was a great man among men. He made cellular business what it is today in Africa.
His enterprising mind will never be matched and will greatly be missed.

Webster C.Katontoka ()


Claude Kyungu (Côte d’Ivoire)

“”Je tiens à renouveler à toute la famille Miko ainsi qu’à toute la famille Telecel, mes sincères condoléances pour le décès de celui que nous avons tous aimé, apprécié et beaucoup admiré. Il avait une famille certes mais il nous a considéré tous comme ces enfants, il a fait beaucoup pour la jeunesse africaine de Kinshasa à Conakry, de Ouagadougou à Niamey, d’Abidjan à Lomé, de Cotonou à Bangui en passant par Librevile il a été un modèle pour toute la jeunesse africaine. Toute ma sympathie et que Dieu le Tout Puissant accueille son âme dans son royaume pour son repos éternel. Et que fortifie sa famille.


kimenyi Emmanuel (Rwanda)

“May his soul rest in peace and God be with the family”

Chisanga R. Kaziya (Zambia)

“I do remember meeting Miko at the Telecel Zambia offices in 2000, he was a great and humble thinker and will be deeply missed. May the good Lord comfort his family at this time of greatest Loss.

May his soul rest in eternal peace. ”

Bernard Mulenga (MTN Zambia)

“It is with much regret that I received the message of the demise of our Chairman. I personaly new and worked with Miko he was a mentor and a rare african with such a humble spirit.We all know that he was very rich but his interaction with us all was down to earth. You could not tell when you meet us discussing issues that he was the owner of the facilities you were in.I went to his Home and his hospitality can not be imagined.He took good care of all of us that worked for him and we are a testimony to his successes. He indeed inspired me and it is my prayer that the Lord will comfort the immidiate family and indeed the entire Telecel Family world over. We will miss him but his good work will follow him and will continue living on. May His Soul Rest in eternal peace as we emulate his good works. ”


“Je tiens à renouveler à toute la famille Miko, mes sincères condoléances pour le décès de celui que nous avons tous aimé, apprécié et beaucoup admiré. Toute ma sympathie et que Dieu Tout Puissant accueille son âme dans son royaume pour son repos éternel.


Ettie Mutebuka (Zimbabwe)

“I never met Miko in person but from what i gather he was a role model to the children of Africa.I can`t imagine the pain his family is going through but can only pray that they seek comfort in God.May his soul rest in peace and may his spirit live forever

François B (Canada) (Canada)

“François B (Canada)

Toutes mes condoléances àla famille Miko et je vous souhaite d’avoir toute la force qu’il faut pour passer àtravers ce dur moment.Miko était connu comme un homme d’une grande bonté et sachez qu’il ya bien de personnes,parents,amis,ou juste compatriotes,qui sont avec vous de tout coeur,et qui aimeraient bien partager,ou etre en mesure de soulager quelque peu votre peine.

Qu’il repose en paix!”

Barbara Barungi (Uganda)

“Conso and Family,

It is with deepest sympathy that I write this message of condolence and pray that the fond memories will keep you all strong in spirit. Miko was an African entreprenuerial genius that contributed significantly to private sector development across the region and he represented and set the pace of the real possibility of African Success! May his soul rest in peace.”

Gisele Bayingana (USA)

“Although I had never personnally had the priviledge to meet and talk with Miko, I know from what I’ve heard that he was the most humble, gentle,kind and loving man, who did not remeber there’s a word called pride. God bless his soul.
Sincere condolences to his family

Bruno COUNE (Belgium)

“Je garderai de Miko le souvenir d’un visionnaire, intelligent et sympathique. Sincères condoléances à sa famille. ”

Ruzibiza Alphonse Kakoko (Rwanda)

“Miko a été un grand homme. Il pourrait servir d’exemple pour beaucoup de personnes. Il va manquer à l’humanité pour laquelle il a fait beaucoup de choses. En ce qui me concerne, je ne l’oublierai jamais d’autant plus que c’est lui qui m’a recommandé pour mon premier emploi alors que je venais de passer une très longue période en chomage. Sa générosité est sans égale. Qu’il repose en paix”

Emery &Mutsiri (Brussels-Belgium)

“Le malheur qui vient brutalement de frapper l’Afrique nous laisse confondus de chagrin.
Hommage au Grand Homme Africain MIKO RWAYITARE!!!!!
Sachez que sa mémoire et ses oeuvres continueront à animer nos existences.
Que peuvent les mots pour dire notre peine inexprimable?
Nos coeurs pleurent auprès de ta chère famille,tes frères et amis et vous gardent toute leur tendresse.
Affectueusement Famille SEKA & MUTSIRI .


“May his soul rest in peace”

Alphonsine Sorozo (Belgique)

“Miko est parti dans la disrétion comme il a vécu. Profitant de notre sommeil pour ne pas nous réveiller. Assise dans une salle face à sa famille,je revois ses enfants et les souvenirs de son bonheur passe en boucle dans ma mémoire. Les moments heureux partagés avec lui, Josephine et Conso à chaque naissance de leurs enfants presque tous nés à Bruxelles. Je refoule mes larmes et étouffe mes cris en écoutant le pasteur prêcher les enseignements de la Bible. Miko était la bible vivante ouverte à tous et à toutes les religions et je me réjouis d’avoir eu le bonheur d’avoir connu cet homme qui a prêché par actions. Miko était un homme Intègre et concret, un citoyen du monde sans frontières.

Que Dieu tout puissant donne le courage à Alphonse, Alphonsine, Albert, Chantal et Betty qu’ils trouvent des paroles assez fortes pour consoler Mama. ”

NOAGBODJI Yawo Jean Marie (Togo)

“It was very difficult to see MIKO for the first time in Brussels. But when we met, i was suprised to see that he is a very humble and simple man. This opinion has been confirmed everytime i have seen him.
My condolences to all concerned.
May his soul rest in peace.

Olivia Umugwiza (Rwanda)

“You will be dearly missed.
Thanks for such a great legacy”

WAMUNGU Pierrot RWAKA (Rwanda)

“Allez, cher Grand Homme ou plutôt restez, car votre vie n’a été qu’exploits créateurs.
Vous resterez gravé en lettres de feu dans les coeurs non seulement de tous ceux qui vous ont connu, mais aussi dans celui de toute l’humanité qui, par gratitude, te rendra immortel car tes oeuvres sont restées pour témoigner de ta grandeur.
“Miko est mort, vive Miko” crieront à jamais vos immenses signatures.

Un admirateur, Pierrot Wamungu.

Gerardo Behne (Germany)

“Dear Miko,
the world would be a better one, if there where more people like you.
My deepest sympathies and condolences to all concerned.
Miko, you will be missed and you will never be forgotten.

Valeri Sai (Republique Centrafricaine)

“I was deeply saddened to hear the news about the sudden death of Miko.My staffs,friends ,my family and I ,wish all my condoleances to miko’s wife, consolatta,his children and all family.

I enjoyed getting a chance to know this man during my multiple trip in RSA.Miko was a true spirit,a role model for many of us and very humble man.

Miko will still live forever in our hearts and therefore HE will never die.

May his soul rest in peace

Valeri Sai
Bangui-Republique Centrafricaine”


“Rest In Peace,you will be remembered trough your caritative acts in this world and we hope to meet you in heaven,on behalf of the familly especially my mom who is Aunty to you,we all say condoleances for your wife Conso,children and the the whole familly,may God protects them for ever.



“Cher Miko,
Puissiez-vous trouver ce repos paisible tant mérité, auprès du seul Maître de la perfection, votre Dieu tout puissant. Puisse votre famille trouver Consolation et force dans la mémoire de celui que vous représenterez à jamais pour eux, celui que vous avez incarné toute votre vie, un être d’exception et d’humilité.
Vous ne laissez pas tristesse et désolation derrière vous, mais plutôt example et encouragement que nous inspirent votre oeuvre immortelle. Que Dieu vous garde à ses côtés. ”

Jean Marie Kabarega (Rwanda)

“Cher Miko, nous nous rapppelerons toujours de ta grandeur et de ton humanisme.
Tu nous quittes encore jeune, à 64 ans, nous avions encore besoin de toi. Ton génie n’avait pas encore tari.
Notre souhait est que tes collaborateurs, où qu’ils se trouvent, se contactent et s’organisent pour perpétuer ton oeuvre qui a profité jusqu’aux plus petits sans exclusion.
Alors tes juristes, ingénieurs, gestionaires, etc, tous imprégnés de tes méthodes de travail et de ta générosité, te disent:”Repose toi en paix Président, nous sommes là pour perpetuer ton oeuvre”.

Que le Très Haut accorde des ressources nécessaires à ta famille, et à nous aussi, pour supporter ton doloureux départ.

Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir cher ami, bientôt nous te rejoindrons.”

MARARA MUHIKIRA Alexandre (Rwanda)

“Je n’ai pas personnellement connu MIKO , mais j’habitais chez son employé du TELECEL nommé Jeff KAREKEZI quand j’étais encore étudiant à Kinshasa.Il payait bien ses travailleurs, et ceci profitait à des familles entières. Il était l’homme de tout le monde,il a beaucoup aidé les réfugiés rwandais qui étaient à Kinshasa alors que la vie n’était pas du tout facile.Les congolais aussi n’oublieront jamais Miko. Miko fut et restera (par ses réalisations) toujour le héro africain qui a pu donner du travail à des centaines d’africains, et donc à amà liorer et à sauver les vies des familles africaines.Pour moi, il restera toujour mon vrai héro car, contrairement aux autres qui utilisent les armes pour revendiquer les droits, Miko a pu utiliser son cerveau génial, sa générosité et son philanthropisme pour sauver des vies humaines de la pauvrêté et tous les maux qui en découlent.Miko, nous te pleurons sans t’avoir connu, nous sommes sûr que vous êtes déjà au Paradis.L’Afrique ne vous oubliera jamais. MARARA MUHIKIRA Alexandre (Rwanda)”

Diane Karengera (Belgique)

“Sincères condoléances à toute la famille. Que de là -haut, Miko entende toutes les belles choses qu’on dit de lui..
Conso, sert les enfants très fort dans tes bras. Toutes mes pensées vont vers vous.
Much love
Diane & family”

Fil Cinti (South Africa)

“Niko who will be sadly missed our thoughts and prayers are with the
the Rwayeritare family during this difficult period

from Filippo & Marcello and the staff of Filcon Projects.”



Didy Sam SAFARI (DRCongo)

“Que la terre lui soit douce; pole saana”

Sheilagh Cronin (South Africa)

“While I did not know you well, the obvious impact you had on Africans, Africa and all those who knew you, was evident at the beautiful funeral service held in your honour! Our world is indeed a poorer place now that you have taken up your deserved place, ‘safe in the arms of Jesus”. May you rest in peace Miko.
Consolatta and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Much Love


Toutes mes condoléances a la famille MIKO, en tant qu’ancien agent de TELECEL CONGO, je garde des très bons souvenir de notre Président, c’était un homme juste, un visionnaire et dieu seul sait combien il y a des justes parmi les hommes d’affaires.
Courage à la famille et gadrer le flambeau

De Bukavu, RDC


James Chua (Singapore)

“My sincere condolences to the bereaved family of Miko who will be sadly missed by the telecommunications fraternity.

jackie k. (Rwanda)

Imana iguhe kwihangana,gukomera,nokwiyumangaganya.
Prayer Palace Church ntikwibagirwa mumasengesho.”

Chantal Kabagabo (Rwanda)

“Miko, you will be remembered not only as a great man but as a driving force behind success of Africa. your family should be proud of you and keep up with the good work you have started and I truly believe that the love of God will wipe away their tears.

judith Bisumbu Kuboko (Belgique)

“Dans la salle impersonnelle du Conrad, comment aurais je pu exprimer mon émoi à Joséphine et ses enfants, Conso et ses enfants, Albert et Chantal, Marie Claude ….que je n’avais pas vu depuis si longtemps
Un croisé de regard, une étreinte, nous avons partagé un moment notre chagrin, mais j’étais désamparée que Miko nous quitte sans que je n’ai eu l’occasion de lui exprimer ma gratitude pour son engagement à nous mettre en sécurité lors des expulsons de 1996.
Sans lui beaucoup de personnes n’auraient pas pu quitter le Congo et ne seraient probablement plus de ce monde.
Merci Miko pour nous tous de ton humanité, de ta simplicité et de ta gentillesse. ”

Pigeon Murigande (Canada)

“Conso, umuryango wanjye ufatanije nawe umubabaro…(Chacca,Kareem na Pigeon) mukomere n’abana bawe, ndazi ko uri umugabo n’ubgo bitoreshye; ntabgo nzibagyirwa narimwe ubufura bga Miko n’umuryango we, ndazi kandi ko muza bimukomereza kuko aza horana nawe igihe cyose…Inshuti yawe igukunda cyaaane.


francoise sebuhuzu munyakazi (canada)

“My sincere condolences to MIKO’s family,may his soul rest in peace.He will be remembered as a role model for many of us.”

Aimée U. Nzabamwita (Canada)

“Nos sincères CONDOLÉANCES à la famille MIKO.

Personne mieux que vous ne peut mesurer toute la douleur causée par la perte de notre cher MIKO, mais sachez que nous partageons sincèrement votre peine.
nous avons perdu un homme de valeur, un frère, un ami… au moment où on avait encore besoin de lui,mais il restera toujours dans nos coeurs.
Toutefois,dirigez les yeux en haut,vous ne tarderez pas à voir Jésus vous tendant une main secourable;il vous suffira de lui tendre la vôtre avec confiance et vous aidera à traverser ce moment douloureux. Lui seul peut tout.

Que le Seigneur vous fortifie.

Famille Janvier Sebareme”

Volvo & Chantal (SCOTLAND)

“Surely a great man and many who worked with him will certainly agree. Miko was a wonderful person, remarkably generous, so humble and a man of his word.
Our deepest sympathies and condolences to all the family’s concerned.
He will be very sadly missed and He will never be forgotten…
Rest in Peace.”

Michel ODAH (Cote d’ivoire)

“Un BAOBAB vient de tombé mais ses racines demeurent.”

sindahera lambert (Belgique)

“MIKO,Que Dieu l’acceuille dans son royaume”

Luc A. TNOH (Côte d’Ivoire)

“L’Afrique a perdu un fils,
Un Pharaon du troisième millénaire s’en est allé, un Grand bâtisseur,
Cependant n’oublions pas que chez nous en Afrique, et dans toute notre Afrique,
« Les morts ne sont pas morts, ils sont parmi nous … »
Sa lumière et sa vision demeurent en nous à jamais,
Miko nous a donné la fierté et l’espoir pour les générations avenir,
Il a marqué son temps, notre époque,
Et nous le remercions pour son Å“uvre.

Safari Bushayija (Canada)

“Sincères Condoléances à toute la famille Rwayitare et tous ses proches.
Ayant eu la chance et l’opportunité de rencontrer Miko quand j’ai travaillé pour Telecel, je n’oublierai jamais comment il m’a ensuite encouragé pour poursuivre les études.
He was a Great Man !! Son oeuvre est tellement grande et il restera à jamais graver dans nos mémoires. C’est une perte inestimable !!
En ces moments douloureux, les mots et les paroles ne sont pas suffisants pour consoler mais veuillez accepter ma profonde affection.
Que Dieu ait son âme et que la terre lui soit légère.

Safari B.”

Xavier Frank Chungu (Zambia)

“Miko my friend,

You have been a real friend to those of us who needed comfort.
You have been an inspiration to those of us in pain and hardship.
You have been the natural humanist to most of us who needed help.
You have been an intelectual who delivered volumes of advice in few words.
You have been the comforter who made most of us happy with all the difficulties abound.
You have been the simplest man with all your means that you shared with most of us.
You have been a friend whom all of us shall always miss.

May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace

Adeus Amigo.”

Frank Xavier Chungu (Zambia)

“My family and I are saddened by the tragic loss of your loving and most inspiring husband, father and friend. Miko did a lot to lift my spirits and fulfill my hopes, and he will be greatly missed.

Miko will forever remain in our memories. I will always live to remember Miko for all that he has been to me and my children.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

F SEBATASI (United Kingdom)

“Dear MIKO,
We didn’t live in the same country, but lived in the same thoughts. The rare short time I crossed you, you kindly said:”How are you Francois?” Never I’ll forget your smile.
For your achievement, you always have been living in my mind. Could
rwandese in capacity be emulated by the way you went through.
Sincere condolences to your family.
On behalf of the mine I’d say: rest in peace
Oxford (UK) ”

Ishema Natacha (congo(DRC))

“Mes sinceres condoleances aux membres de famille et a toutes les personnes qui l’ont connu. Je ne me rappelle pas bien de Mr Miko mais je sais qu’il a aidé beaucoup de gens et nous lui en sont tous reconnaissant. Ma mere a travaillé a Telecel pendant de longues années et grace a Mr Miko nous avont pu evacuer Kinshasa et recommencer une nouvelle vie a l’est de la Rdc;il a repris ma mere a son service bien qu’etant loin de nous qui viviont a goma et elle travaillait a bukavu elle avait un travail. Nous avons perdu un ami, un pere, un frere, un patron, un oncle…mais je suis sure qu’il est au ciel et que nous le retrouverons la-bas.
Rest in peace
Merci encore pour tout.”

Gibale Brunel (South Africa)

“Tres sincere condoleance a toute la famille Miko et personnellement a son Epouse Madame Conso, Dieu a donne et Lui meme Dieu a pris, veillez tourner vos regards a la croix de Christ pendant ce moment de douleur car c’est lui le vrai consolateur. Que Dieu Vous donne tous la paix qui surpasse toute intelligence. ”

Michael Sudarkasa (South Africa – USA)

“Africa has truly lost one of her Global African Business Titans, a man who launched one of the first truly entrepreneurial African multinationals and who was a legend on at least three continents (North America, Europe and Africa) and revered in many, many countries. Perhaps most endearing was the fact that Miko was also recognized by so many as a father/ advisor/ and mentor in many communities and to many young aspiring Africans.

Miko’s presence will be missed but his legacy is a great and timeless one. In the late 20th centurry when African nations and institutions sought to promote the private sector, Miko became a true symbol of African entrepreneurial dynamism. His footprints are spread across the Diaspora as well and our hope is that his life’s work will be promoted and his efforts to foster African economic development will be remembered- and replicated by the current and future generation of global African entrepreneurs.

We celebrate – and hope to one day emulate – your work – and the goods works done in your life.

Viva Miko, Viva !

Michael Sudarkasa and Mignonne Karugu”

Innocent Ntaganira (Republic of Congo)

“Tres sinceres condoleances a la famille Rwayitare. Une grande perte pour ses freres Rwandais et tous ceux qui l’ont connu. Que Dieu ait son ame et que la terre lui soit legere. ”

Irène Kamanzi (Belgique)

“C’était un Homme BON, il aimait la vie et que du bon coté. Il est mort heureux, je crois. Il est important qu’on s’en souvienne comme un GRAND MONSIEUR qui avait un respect pour l’autre, un respect pour la VIE tout simplement! Que la terre de nos ancêtres l’accueille pour un répond éternel qu’il a mérité.”

ISHEMA Godefroid (R.D.C)

“A toute la Famille MIKO RWAYITARE,
La famille ISHEMA souhaite un repos ETERNEL à l’âme de ce BON PERE DE FAMILLES. Son parcours pour sa BONTE, sa GENEROSITE, son ESPRIT DE TRAVAIL et sa SIMPLICITE est un grand souvenir et un exemple qu’il laisse à nous ses enfants.

ISHEMA Godefroid

Dewhard N Mupenda (South Africa)

Le Continent Africain vien de Perdre un veritable entrepreneur de talent,un Grand Visionnaire de la technologie et du developpement intellectuelle et Psycologique pour l’Afrique,c’est avec une immense
perte qui sera vraiment difficile a combler.
Nos profonde Sympathie va a sa grande famille et Surtout a Consolate et les enfants et Francoise….

Dewhard,Yvonne et Henriquet Mupenda”

Naila Djaffar (London)

“Words cannot alone express how sorry I am to hear this news.
Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of Mr. Miko.”

Clarisse (Rwanda)



2 Tim 4 : 7.


Joelle Rwaburindi (Canada)

“My deepest sympathy to Miko’s & Gatare’s familly.
Miko was a good example of a great human being.
You would be remembered forever.


“En mon nom personnel et celui de ma Famille, nous tenons a présenter nos sincères et profondes condoléances à la famille MIKO RWAYITARE.
Que le Très-Haut puisse l’acceuillir et que son Humble Ame repose dans une Paix éternelle.
Miko Rwayitare, Tu resteras GRAVE dans nos memoires.

Monia,Daniel,Keza,Rosa & Robert.”

Blaise Pascal Twagirayezu (CANADA)

“The death of Mr Miko Rwayitare it is a big loss, not only for Rwandese or South Africans but for all africans and the entire World. It is not easy to explain which kind of person Mr Miko was in this world. On behalf of my family and I, would like to give sincere condolences to Conso, Miko’s wife, Kids and The whole extended family. “May his soul rest in peace and he will be remembered always”.

Blaise Pascal T.

Doudou kalala (UK/RDC)

“Par son savoir-faire, la RDC et l’Afrique ont fait un grand pas dans le domaine de la communication, nous lui devons beaucoup. un peu tôt, mais que son âme repose en paix!”

didier Ndinda (USA)

“First I would like to present my sincere condolences in my name and of the Ndinda’s to Mr Miko’s widow and children;He will be greatly missed.
But I would like to share how great and generous this man was: While in exile in Congo(Brazzaville)after the events in DRC,former Zaire,in the month of October 1998, Mr Miko rented a jetliner to transport all his employees and their families of TELECEL kinshasa all the way to Kampala(Uganda), then rented coaches to transport all those families to kigali(Rwanda); Mind you that my dad did not even work at Telecel but just because my uncle did I was able to be evacuated with my familly.
Thank you Mr Miko for all the good you did to so many people, May you rest in peace; We will never forget you.

Didier Ndinda.”

El Memeyi Murangwa (Fort Worth, TX USA)

“Mes sincères condoléances à la Famille Miko Rwayitare. D’une grande bonté, Miko aimait la compagnie et l’humour. Jadis à Kinshasa, une rencontre du rire se faisait chaque vendredi au tour de lui à la Gombe. Ses anciens employés garderont de lui, des bons souvenirs et l’image d’un bon père de famille.”

Martine Matonsi (USA)

“Toutes mes condoleances a la famille de l’illustre disparu. Il a ete tres proche de ma famille. Un homme intelligent, temeraire, exemplaire, determine, decide…. bref un homme dote de beaucoup de qualite!… l’Afrique a perdu.Puisse Dieu consoler tous ceux a qui il est si cher.”

mbona Eddy Best (Burundi)

“Keep you in my memory and will everytime remember how warm and kind you was. Rest in Peace and God Bless you.

Eddy MBONA Best
Deputy Head Of Mission- Burundi Embassy in Fed. Rep Of Nigeria.”

Venant Rubona Seminari (Canada)

“Un grand homme, un entrepreneur hors pair, simple et généreux. Nous ne l’oublierons pas. ”

Gloria Rwayitare (South Africa)





Charlotte Munyakazi (Canada)

“My depest condoleances to Miko’s family, friends and acquaintances

Let us remember Miko as this:

” Star in the Sky”

“When a person you love passes away.
“Look to the night sky on a clear day
“The star that to you
“Appears to be bright
“Will be you loved one
“Looking upon you during the night
“The lights of heaven are what shows through
“As you loved one whatches all that you do
“When you feel lonely
“For the one that you love
“Look for the heavens
“In the night sky above

My thoughts and prayers are with you always


Charlotte Munyakazi (Canada)

“Miko was ” The Mentor” for young men and women of our generation.
For some,

Miko was * The teacher ,
for others he was :
*The guide*The counselor*Motivator*Sponsor*Door opener*Advocate
*Coach*Advisor*Role Model.
For many…just ” The big brother”

I will always remember Miko as that ” mentor” who respect you for who you are no matter how big or small entrepreneur you can be.
Who believed in you and share with you his vision of success.
He will listen to you with enthusiam and concern, give you world of wisdom ,leadership and some managements tips.

” What the heart once known, it shall never forget”

Miko, entrepreneurs for all over the world will always remember you. Rest in peace.

Lena Militisi-Kanyoni (Rwanda)

“A vous tous ses proches,

Oui,pleurons parce qu’un grand homme nous a ete enleve, cependant,je suis certaine qu’avec sa bonne humeur legendaire il nous aurait dit de ne pas etre triste car c’etait un Joyeux drille…
Triste nous le sommes, mais nul doute que pour nous croyants il est aupres de Dieu et qu’il intercede pour nous.
Il nous laisse a tous une formidable oeuvre faite de bonte et de generosite.
Conso,les enfants,et toute sa famille,beaucoup de courage sachez que nous serons toujours la pour vous.

Lena et John K

Dr Wynand Pretorius & Family (SA)

“Please pass our condolence on the To the Rwayitare family. You are in our minds, hearts & prayers. Africa has lost a giant – he will surely be missed. It was a pleasure and an honnour to have worked with him. God bless you all!”

The Nyangezi’s (Cote d’Ivoire)

“In a moment of happiness we may not require a hand to hold us but in times of grief we all look for a shoulder to lean on. Miko’s family, friends and acquaintances,
Memories keep those we love forever. Words cannot heal the pain of losing someone so dear. May God Give you the strength to overcome the pain
With heartfelt Sympathy.
KAREKA’s family, Tonton SEBA, Hawalina & Mike and the Nyangezi’s Family

From Aunt Marie Rose to Conso
God Grant me the serenity to accept things that I cannot change, courage to change the things I can. May this prayer bring you peace and strength in this difficult time.

maguy rwakabuba (belgique)

“toutes mes condoleances a la famille miko que son ame se repose en paix. famille rwakabuba”

Jean-Paul TIBAUX (Belgium)

“With the passing of Miko Rwayitare, we lost not only an intelligent and creative person, but also an entrepreneur with great charisma and inspiring vision. He will also be remembered as a man of his word.
We will miss him.
We express our condolences to all his relatives.”

Santha Gahiza (belgique)

“Toutes mes condoleances a la famille miko que son ame repose en paix.”

Celestin Ngoga (Western Australia)

“Indeed it was a sad day when my good friend Gakwaya Emmanuel from Switzerland informed me of the passing of this great son of Rwanda and Africa.
I would like to express my sympathy to Conso and the children of late Miko, to his brother Albert and other family members in affliction. I am also thinking of Gakwaya Emmanuel and Aimable Mpore who were very close to late Miko.

God bless them all!


Hemendra (Nigeria)

“I am shocked to hear the sudden news of Mr. Miko Rwayitare passing away. While words are not sufficient consolation for the bereaved family, I request that my heartfelt condolences be conveyed to them.

Hemendra (Prestel Nigeria)”

Anthony Masozera (Rwanda)

“Miko did us all proud as an African who was a pioneer in the Telecoms Industry on the African Continent. It is not very common that an African is able to make such an impact in a “Tech-Heavy” industry. Coming closer to home, as a Rwandese, he will be remembered as a major contributor (financially) to the liberation of the country from the perpetrators of sectarian policies that led to the Genocide.

Dear Conso and children; may the good LORD be your source of comfort and refuge during this very difficult time.


Anthony Masozera

Nosakhare Christopher Ebohon (Nigeria)

“”Africa has lost a Great Son” May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.”

Charlie Matondo (RSA)

“My condelences to Miko’s family for the loss of this great person, may his soul rest in peace. as he was a peaceful man on the earth, he will really be missed and may God protects his family. ”

Omari LM (RSA)

“Miko was surely a Great man and many who worked with him knew him as a good man, a mentor and a pillar for Africa.
May his Soul rest in peace.”

Don Hooper (RSA)

“My sincerest condolences for the loss of a great person and business.”

Homere Lubula (RSA)

“To CONSO, because you are concerned.
Condoleances from the bottom of my heart.
Still remember the wonderfull moments we shared with MIKO.
May God be good with him as Miko did with his people on earth.
Homere LUBULA.”

Atef Qundos (Sweden)

“Good bye my friend !
40 years ago we met, became friends, remained friends. Thanks to you we never lost contact. May your soul rest in peace. My thoughts go to Conso and all your children. May God be with them.”

Ndoli Innocent (Rwanda)

“may you rest in peace
let us all be like miko the frankman
condolences to his family and all friends of Rwayitare
God bless u rest in peace”

Gregory Tayi (RWANDA)


nzi rwakabuba (USA)

“i was terribly shocked and saddened by the lost of a great men and uncle. he was really one of the best entrepreneur africa ever known, he truly helped the congo making a big step in the technological world. God gives and takes and only him knows why. But we should all stay strong because his legacy will live forever.

My biggest condolences to his family, God Bless You. ”

Claude (Canada)

“I was saddened by the death of a great man, Miko. He was remarkably generous and humble.
My condolences to his family.

Perpetue Ndomba-Betu “PéPé“ (Canada)

“Chère Conso et tous les enfants,
Je vous présente mes sincères condoléances.
C’est vraiment une grande perte.
I will always remember the moral and material support that I received In RSA when I was not able to go back to Kinshasa.
May his soul rest in peace.
Former President of Telecel Congo’s Union delegation


Ambassador Wasswa Biriggwa (Uganda’s Ambassador to Japan)

“It is with great sadness to learn of the death of brother Miko,
He was a great visionary who contributed emmersely, to the development of telecommunication in Africa.

He inspired many including myself when I became the first Managing Director of Celtel.
While we competed in many countries for licences, Miko
was always a gettleman and remained a good friend.

I would like to convey my sincere condolences to the family , relatives and the millions of African’s who have lost a great man.

May his soul rest in enternal peace.

Wasswa Biriggwa

Fifi Karugu (RWANDA)

“Dear Conso and family. No words can really comfort you in these terrible and sad moments but know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Miko was a great man. May his soul rest in peace.
Fifi Karugu & Patrick Karuretwa.

Attahiru Usman (Nigeria)

“May his soul rest in peace and may his example continue to inspire us to achieve the total liberation on africa”

Michael Sudarkasa (South Africa – USA)

“Africa has truly lost one of her Global African Business Titans, a man who launched one of the first truly entrepreneurial African multinationals and who was a legend on at least three continents (North America, Europe and Africa) and revered in many, many countries. Perhaps most endearing was the fact that Miko was also recognized by so many as a father/ advisor/ and mentor in many communities and to many young aspiring Africans.

Miko’s presence will be missed but his legacy is a great and timeless one. In the late 20th centurry when African nations and institutions sought to promote the private sector, Miko became a true symbol of African entrepreneurial dynamism. His footprints are spread across the Diaspora as well and our hope is that his life’s work will be promoted and his efforts to foster African economic development will be remembered- and replicated by the current and future generation of global African entrepreneurs.

We celebrate – and hope to one day emulate – your work – and the goods works done in your life.

Viva Miko, Viva !

Michael Sudarkasa and Mignonne Karugu”




James Onanefe Ibori (Nigeria)

“The news of the death of MIKO, one of the most enterprising men Africa ever produced. May the good Lord protect his soul. Amen.”

Christine Umutoni (Rwanda)

“To Conso and the children,
It is with great shock that we learnt of the sudden death of Miko and would like to express sincere condolences. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Conso it is a difficult time for you and the children, we can only pray that you have courage and strength. God will help you.
Christine Umutoni and Jimmy Hodari”

Liliane Kirenga (Rwanda)

“Feu Miko; un grand homme,s’en est allé!
Ses oeuvres, tant appréciées par toutes les générations ainsi que sa grandeur d’âme resteront éternelles et seront le symbole d’un parcours de combattant qu’il fut.
Que le Bon Dieu reconforte sa famille et l’acceuille auprès de lui.”

David Sambea MOLEKA (DRCongo)

“Je garderai de toi le souvenir inebranlable d’un aine, d’un mentor infatigable et toujours inspire, ouvert d’esprit et alerte aux a l’egard de son prochain. Ainsi mes condoleances les plus attristees s’adressent a sa famille, aux proches, ainsi qu’a tous ceux qui ont eu l’opportunite de croiser son chemin.
Que la nature de ton coeur t’ouvre grandes les portes du repos eternel, dans le nom puissant de Jesus-Christ.

David Sambea MOLEKA”

KIRENGA Vital (CONGO(Pointe Noire))

“Miko était un grand homme
Un homme sans frontières,ni physiques,ni intellectuelles.
Un visionnaire hors du commun dans nos pays pleins de contradictions.
Un homme qui comptait sur les hommes pour la réussite commune.
Un homme qui ne craignait pas les obstacles à franchir pour avancer.
Un homme qui inspirait respect à ceux qui le croisaient.
Un homme comme le Bon Dieu en fait si peu autour de nos jours.

Philip Hunt (USA)

“I had my last meeting with Miko Sept 15th in DC just before the tragic events. Unlike many of you that knew him a long time I was relatively a new comer. Nonetheless I immediately enjoyed Miko’s intelligence wit and charm, he and Consolatta and the children made me very welcome at their home in J’berg as if we had know each other for years.
Miko was a rich man – no I don’t me his business success – I mean his character and his accomplishments as a man made him truly rich. That was obvious in every second of dealing with him. Unfortunately our business together was just beginning and now it is unlikely to progress as it was entirely based on his and my direct relationship. Too bad I would have enjoyed so much more time with Miko.
I have a small poem to add to the Memorial :-

Don’t stand by my grave and weep,
For I’m not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripening grain.
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.

When you awaken in the morning, hush.
For I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand by my grave and cry.
For I am not there, I did not die.

Miko lives on in us – if I who knew him such a short period am affected and feel the loss – then how much more is the truth of all our loss – we must continue his dreams and hopes for Africa as much as we can to honor his life.

With sympathy – Philip Hunt”

KIRENGA Vital ()


christian (Canada)

“Toutes mes sincères condéleances à la famille , Monsieur Miko Rwayitare était un vrai leader et il a permis à toute une géneration de croire que tout est possible à celui qui a une vision et s’y applique de tout coeur et passion . Il restera dans nos coeurs à tous .

Christian Kamandali (Canada)

“Ma famille se joint à moi pour présenter à la famille Miko nos très sincères condoléances. C’est avec beaucoup de tristesse que nous avons appris la disparition prématurée de cette grande âme, pleine de noblesse, de bonté, d’humilité et beaucoup d’amour pour ses semblables. Le nom de Miko ne sera jamais oublié pour ceux et celles qui l’ont connu de loin ou de près. Que l’âme de Miko repose en paix !”

Alois Rwiyegura (South Africa)

“La première et la dernière fois que j’ai rencontré Miko, c’était autour de la table familiale, pour un déjeuner, à Bujumbura, au milieu des années 1980. Pendant le repas, il a beaucoup parlé de plantes et de son désir d’en prendre quelques unes avec lui, à son retour à Kinshassa. Je lui ai alors proposé de le présenter à un ami qui, à cette époque, était le Directeur des Eaux et Forêts. En route vers le Département des Eaux et Forêts, il me posa une question à laquelle je ne répondis pas assez rapidement, l’obligeant ainsi à y apporter sa propre réponse. La question était « aimes-tu les plantes » ? Et sa réponse était : « On ne peut qu’aimer les fleurs et les plantes ». En ce moment, je découvris que l’homme d’affaires avait aussi une âme de poète

Il est maintenant mort, mais comme tout poète, il est immortel.

Que la fierté d’avoir eu un homme de cette stature comme fils, comme époux, comme frère, comme père, comme ami, comme patron ou comme compatriote allège l’immense peine ressentie par les gens qui l’aiment

Que Dieu ait son âme !

Patrick Kagabo (Rwanda)

“Que l’ame de ce grand homme repose eternellement en paix et que le souvenir de tout ce qu’il a accompli sur cette terre des hommes demeure en coeurs et mémoires à jamais.

Je vivrais avec son image comme exemple de leadership et d’accomplissements pour toujours.

MUGUNGA Frank (Rwanda)

“GREAT LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE.”

thierry kanamugire (canada)

“Toutes mes condoleances a la famille Miko que son ame repose en paix may god continue to bless his family .”

Jojo Bangemu (Dallas, TX)

“Sincerest condolences to Conso and the children. Your family is in our Prayers. ”

Joel Ngabonziza (Canada)

“I am deeply shocked at the suddenness of his passing
May God give him eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace
In deep Sympathy to the family
Miko was a great person!


IRISA and JOSE (Rwanda)

“Dear Miko’s family, our sincere condolences to you and friends! Miko will be always remebered, may his soul rest in peace!!



I didn’t ever meet Late MIKO, but was always impressed by his many achievements in entrepreneurship! I was proud of him, as an African and especially a Rwandese.
I wish his biography will be published and then, surely it’ll inspires the young african generation.
Que le Bon Dieu Tout-Puissant ait son âme et qu’il repose en paix. ”

Karubiu Karanja (Uganda)

“It is with shock and great sadness thatI have learnt of Miko’s untimely passing away. I offer my sincere condolences to Miko’s wife, kids, extended family, friends and partners.

I was priviledged to have interacted with Miko who was a very kind and generous man. He will be dearly missed by all of us.

May his soul now rest in the peace of the Lord.”

Joe R. Nsano (Rwanda)

“Cher Mr Miko,

C’est avec un coeur plein de tristesse que j’ai appris votre disparition… Le peu de fois que j’ai eu l’honneur de vous cotoyer (à Kin chez Oncle Médard et à Kigali) m’a permis de me faire une idée de la personne que vous êtes: un homme profondément bon, jovial, simple, accueillant, humble, accessible, sourire aux lèvres… Le reste du monde autour de moi pense que vous êtes un homme d’exception. UN NOBLE. Ce matin, Alors que nous sortions de la messe de requiem à Kigali, une Dame m’a dit: “Il a vécu en Noble, Dieu lui a permi de mourrir en Noble”.

Cette parole résume qui vous êtes pour le Monde. L’afrique et les africains pleurent votre disparition.

Puisse votre âme reposer en paix dans l’éternité.

Joe R. Nsano
Votre Admirateur

Sibille et Benoît van de Capelle-de Cartier (Belgium – Rwanda- Austria)

Nous avons appris avec beaucoup de tristesse et d’émotion le décès de Miko. Nous pensons bien àtoi, Conso, et àtoute la famille. C’est une perte pour sa famille, pour ses amis et pour l’Afrique.

Nous nous souviendrons de sa joie de vivre, son humanité profonde, son amour des bonnes choses, sa créativité et son inventivité, son amitié et son accueil.

Puisse l’Amour de Dieu assister toute la famille dans cette séparation difficile. ”

Christoph Schetelich (South Africa / Germany)

“With shock and great sadness I have learnt about Miko’s untimely passing away. Sincere condolences to Miko’s wife, kids, extended family, friends and partners. I am very thankful for having had the priviledge to meet him, he was a very kind and generous man who truly had a vision for African telecommunications. Miko will be dearly missed by all of us.”

Vincent I. (Rwanda)

“Imana imwakire mu bwami bwayo.Ibyiza yakoze akiri kumwe natwe ntituzabyibagirwa.Yari umubyeyi wacu, mukuru wacu, umujyanama muri byose.Yabanye n’urubyiruko n’abakuru, abayanyamahanga, ntiyagiraga ubwoko n’imyaka.Umuryango wawe uzakomeze ibyiza watangiye kandi ntabyo ugiye utarangije kuko usize izina rikomeye ritazasibangana.Abo usize bakomere tuzakomeza kubana na bo.
Vincent Itangayenda ”

Bryan Zurel (South Africa)

“”Sincerest condolences to Consolatta, the children and Albert. Your Husband, Father, Brother and Friend was a Great Man and will be fondly remembered. May His Soul Rest in Peace! “”

Yusuf Moti (South Africa)

“It is with great sadness and a deep sense of loss that I heard of Miko’s untimely death.
Miko was more than just a highly respected bussinessman, well thought of in the telecoms industry, he was in fact one of God’s gentlemen.
I was so looking forward to meeting him on his return to catch up on a few things we spoke about.
I shall always remember him as a courteous and cheerful personality.
He will be dearly missed.
My sincere condolences to the family.
With warmest regards
Yusuf A Moti ”

Famille Cyamweshi (Kigali, Rwanda)

“C’est avec choc et consternation que nous avons appris le deces inopine de notre frere et ami Miko. A sa famille proche et elargie, sachez que: “Intore ntipfa iratabaruka”. Mukomere.”

Yvette Rugasaguhunga (Rwanda-USA)

“My deepest condolences to Miko’s family, friends and acquaintances.

I hope those who have been blessed enough to meet Miko, will spread his legacy of entrepreneurship and ingenuity throughout Africa.

We need more Mikos to grow and flourish, and this will only happen if as we all grieve, share what he left behind.

My deepest condolences to his devastated family.

May he rest in peace.

God bless

John Murdoch (United Kingdom)

“All of us who knew Miko were greatly impressed with his genial manner and the considerate way he treated all the people he came into contact with. Although very succesfull in business Miko remained a very ‘nice guy’ – a rare combination in these times. Miko gave much to the world and he will be greatly missed by many, many people.

May he now rest in the peace of the Lord.



Famille Miko ,
Le départ de Miko continue de résonner en nous comme un cruel coup du sort. Nous garderons pour lui la même affection que nous vous envoyons aujourd’hui. Nous vous prions de recevoir nos très sincères condoléances ainsi que l’expression de notre profonde sympathie.
Pour nous qui avons été à son école (pionnier du cellulaire en RDC) , son absence restera la plus fidèle des présences.

Bode Rugamba (Rwanda)

“A la famille Miko; Maman, Alphonsine, Albert… Je voudrais ma famille et moi même vous présenter mes sincères condoléances. Que Dieu tout puissant vous fortifie pendant ces moments douloureux.”

Audace Ntungicimpaye (South Africa)

“On behalf of my family and on my own behalf, I would like to pass my sincere condolences to Miko’s family, on the shocking and untimely passing away of such a great man. It is a loss not only to Miko’s family but also to any person who had the privilege to know Miko and indeed a loss to Africa. Miko was a very intelligent person and an entreprneur who had a great vision for Africa. In spite of his outstanding achievements, Miko was humble and down to earth. He was an inspiration to many people on this continent.
We will miss his smile – we will miss his sense of humour.
Que son ame repose en paix. Adieu grand.

Audace Family

Don Ncube (Johannesburg South Africa)

My dear Brother Miko, your sudden and untimely passing away has robbed the African continent of a great pioneer and leader in the field of information technology and communication. You have made a contribution that will remain indelible in our minds and that will live through the test of time. This continent is poorer without you

You have had many trials and tribulations on this earth. You came and conquered, we salute you and wish you well on your journey, rest in peace. You will be remembered for evermore.

Yours Brotherley.

Don Ncube

François Bonnin (France)

“Miko était un homme de grande valeur que j’ai toujours admiré ; ses entreprises au Zaïre ont influencé considérablement les cours de ma carrière et de ma vie ; en effet, c’est bien parce qu’il avait déiidé de distribuer HP en Afrique que j’ai passé autant de temps sur ce continent, et connu tellement de gens que je n’aurais jamais rencontrés sinon.
Sa disparition me touche beaucoup, il m’est toujours apparu comme quelqu’un de bien.

Toutes mes condoléances àsa famille et ses proches.”

Paulin Ikwala (DRC)

Painly for all of us and big loss for africa.

May God assist Miko,s wife, all his Kids and all his family.

Go with the peace that human can not give, The Jesus peace.


Sandra M. (Rwanda)

“What a loss for Africa!!
Sincere condolences to Miko’s wife,kids,extended family,friends and partners.
May the Almighty strengthen and comforts you during these painful moments.
Rest in peace Great Man!

Sandra M.& Family”

Gaston Beni Mbenga (South Africa)

“Nous présentons nos sincères condoléances à la famille de Mr Miko
Rwayitare et à leurs proches.
Notre prière est que Dieu console et fortifie tous ceux qui, en ce moment, souffrent de son decès.

Que son âme repose en paix.

Elisabeth et Gaston Beni Mbenga ”

Jessie kalisa (Rwanda)

“I met Miko in 2003 in Brussels after hearing so many good things about him. it was a grate moment for me because i had wished to meet him having heard about his business acumen. He freely shared with me some business ideas and I thank God that I met him. He has given millions of people a bright future and he will always be remebered, people like you meet Angels in heaven May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Madam miko na bana Imana ikomeze ibarinde mu rurugendo mutangiye mutarikumwe nawe, natwe tuzakomeza kubasengera, ”

Mike Kabalu (SA/DRC)

“May his soul rest in peace , he had more to fulfill in his life God will and vision for Miko will come to pass..”

Alfred NYARWAYA (Rwanda)

“Cher MIKO,

Tous ceux qui ont eu le privilège de vous connaître n’oublieront jamais votre grandeur d’âme, votre générosité légendaire. Puisse tes qualités humaines soient un exemple à suivre par beaucoup encore passagers sur cette terre. Sincères condoléances à votre chère famille.
Que le Tout Puissant vous accorde un repos dans son Royaume Eternel!”


“Nos Sincère Condoleances à toute la famille RWAHITARE,que son Ame repose en Paix.

Famille GATARIKI ”

Sisa Bikitsha (South Africa.)

“It is with deepest sympathy to learn of passing on of this giant of I.C.T. I was fortunate enough to meet him in his house in J.H.B. Where I learnt a lot from in a short time.May his soul rest in peace.”

Detecon International GmbH (Germany)

“On behalf of Detecon International GmbH who have come to know Miko over these years, we are so saddened to hear of this news. Miko was truly a kind and caring man to everyone he met. He brought a sense of integrity and respect to his business relationships that he developed. Everyone who knew Miko appreciated him for his passion and we at Detecon will miss his gentle soul. His family and friends can take some comfort in the fact he was appreciated and loved by so many in this world. Our condolences and heartfelt sympathy go to his family and to the people from Telecel.”

Anita U Kajuja (Rwanda)

“”It is with great shock and sadness to hear about the passing away of Miko Rwayitare, May God grant his family the courage and strength to tide over this extreme loss and grief. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Kajuja’s Family””

Field Kalumba (Zambia)

“May the soul of this very great man rest in Peace.His innovative business enterprises changed my life, and of many of my colleagues’ lives in Zambia.”

Alexa and Malcolm MacNaughton (South Africa)

“We were next door neighbours to Miko and his family when they arrived in Sandhurst. We watched his beautiful home grow from scratch, and finally became a much admired property on Oxford Avenue. We were delighted to meet and consolidate our friendship with Miko whom we found charming, generous, a wonderfully considerate neighbour with a soft sense of humour. We enjoyed being part of his 60 birthday which was a hugely colourful affair and lasted over the full weekend! We met Miko’s lovely wife Conso and equally lovely children, and when we left Oxford Avenue after 30 years, we knew how much we would miss the Rayitare family next door.
Our deepest sympathy to Conso and the children, on the loss of such a perfect gentleman and distinguished member of our society. Alexa and Malcolm MacNaughton.”

Lilian (RWANDA)

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May God give you and your family all the courage and strength to tide over this extreme loss and grief.
May the departed soul rest in peace,

Katabogama’s family”



It is with deep sorrow that we send you our heartfelt condolences in this very difficult moment we are with you and we pray that the Good Lord gives you the courage and strength to withstand it all. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE.

Anne and Jeff BAHENDA”

Bernd Doppelfeld (Zimbabwe)

“We were all deeply saddened by the news about Miko’s death. I remember Miko as a geat and very amiable personality.His vision and entrepeneurship shaped the telecommunications map in Sout Africa in a significant way. His untimely death is a big loss for the African telecommunications fraternity. With heartfelt condolences

Bernd Doppelfeld”

Denise Rwakayija (Rwanda)

Sincere condolences to the Rwayitare Family, may the lord rest his soul in eternal peace.

Denise Rwakayija”

Pierre vd Westhuizen (RSA)

“What a humble, honest and giving son of Africa. I had the privilege of being the Principal Agent during the building of his home in Sandhurst – South Africa, and during that period got to know Miko very well. I found him to be a honest family man who greatly appreciated the beauty around him and respected what people with entegrity could teach him.

Conso and the kids, Our deepest sympathy with the loss off a husband and father, but rember his greatest legacy allways – Honesty and Dignity. – Goodbey to a “SCHOLAR AND A GENTLEMAN”

Pierre and Family.”


” Nos Sinceres Condoleances !
Que son Ame repose en Paix .

Famille Ruyuki Anselme

Ivan Loun (Ukraine)

“Dear Rwayitare family!
Dear Kalinga!
Please, accept my deepst condolences on this sad day! Together with Kalinga and our Lausanne Hotel School classmates we have met Mr. Rwayitare just on one occasion in Capetown in April 2003, kindly hosted by him for a very nice and warm reception and dinner. It was indeed a pleasant short meeting, though we didn’t get a chance to know him well. However we all heard a lot of good things about Kalinga’s father, his sincerity, determinance, love to his children and family.
It is sad he had passed away so early, but we say that God takes soonest those best of us here.
Mr. Rwayitare will always remain in the memories of the family members, friends and those to whom he did good things!
Ivan Loun”

Kagubare Jean (USA)

“Yvonne et Jean presentent leurs condoleances les plus attristees a la famille Miko. Que son ame repose en paix.

Famille Kagubare”

Harmony Umwali Ntihi (Canada)

“My sincere and heartfelt prayers go out to the Rwayitare’s family.
The passing away of Tonton Miko was a tremendous shock to all of us. May God’s unfailing love be your comfort and strength and may He grant you His everlasting peace during this difficult time. We are ALL praying for you and love you dearly!

“May God be your refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble” Psalms46:1

La famille Ntihi”

Karugu Celine (Rwanda)

“Eugene, Celine et la famille KARUGU, presentont nos condoleances a la famille Miko.

Dieu ait son ame.”

Karugu (Rwanda)

“Eugene, Celine et la famille KARUGU, presentont nos condoleances a la famille Miko.

Dieu ait son ame.”

Natacha Ruyenzi (USA (Dallas, TX))

“To Miko Rwayitare’s family:

I was deeply saddened to hear the news about the sudden death of Mr. Miko. Even though I have not had a chance to know him on a personal level, my parents on the other hand have countlessly referred to him as being not only a wonderful friend but a remarkable person in general.

We are all as a community in a state of shock and our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. Please remember that you are surrounded by people who care about you and are thinking about you in this difficult time of sorrow.

You will greatly be missed Mr. Miko!

Ruyenzi’s family.

Ann Bunyenyezi Karasanyi (USA)

“It is wonderful that I met Miko last October as a guest in his residence in South Africa. I was very impressed by his simplicity and yet very powerful personality. Miko gave us a presentation of his next project on saving energy and I was blown away by the intellect of this man. I could feel his decency, humility and strong culture .. Miko I know you’re with all the wonderful people who went before you, like my beloved parents. Imana iguhe ikyiruhuko kyiza. I share the pain of your passing with our wonderful family. ak”

Keith & Lynne Backos (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare Family.We were very sad to hear of the sudden loss of Miko. Our deepest sympathy to the family and we wish you strength during this difficult time.The Backos’ 36 Oxford Ave,Sandhurst”

Viviane K. (Rwanda)

“Le Rwanda vient de perdre un grand homme!
Nos sincères condoléances à la famille Miko et que son âme repose en paix!

Famille Kirenga”

Lekan Akinyanmi (USA)

“What a loss to the World in general and Africa in particular!
I first met Miko in Los Angeles in 2000, and later visited him in Johannesburg in 2001. As a young entrepreneur, he was someone to look up to. Even though he was already successful, he was still approachable and very humble. I clearly remember him sharing an orange fruit with me, which was pretty amazing for someone at his level. He will be greatly missed, but his legacy will never be forgotten. Adios Miko.”

Therese Gahima (USA)

“To the Rwayitare Family,

Miko’s death was indeed a great shock to all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

With hertfelt condolences,

Therese Gahima & Family.

Kani Gahima (Nancy A. L.) (Canada)

“We would like to send our deepest sympathy to parrain’s family & friends. Words can hardly express what this has been like to learn and try as best we could to process it… The Gahima family joins you in the mourning of Miko’s passing, but also in the celebration of his life and legacy. One thing is sure, he touched us all in all the different ways he knew how to be present, care and help. We are thankful for having known him, had him in our lives the time we did & for all the inspiration he’s given us to be better, strive for excellence and believe in what’s unseen but could be. We might not get to see him anymore, talk to him per se, at least not like before, but surely he’s done so much and left even more to keep him & his legacy alive and ever growing. May you rest in peace parrain, you were/are loved and are/will be missed. We’ll have a toast in your honour, cheers! Until we connect again.
Leo Gahima, Annie Indoha & Kani (Nancy Alexis L.) Gahima”

Guy VANDA (congo)

“Marcher dans les pas d’un géant est facile, car il a ouvert la voie et laissé des traces.
Mes encouragements vont vers sa famille pour maintenir et sauvegarder l’oeuvre qui a été la sienne dans l’esprit créatif et combatif qui a été le sien.
Paix à l’âme de l’illustre disparu !

Christine Kalisa (Canada Montréal)

“Toutes mes condoleances àla Famille Miko. Ansi que toute les proches du monde entier.

Christine Kalisa (BÉBÉ)

Aquinas Wasike (Kenya)

“Heard the news of Miko’s passing in utter disbelief! Met Miko the first time in the mid-90’s and walked away very struck by his simplicity and down-to-earth style. He treated me very cordially as if we had known each other before. A few further encounters and he was always very kind and had time for me even though we definitely were in different worlds as regards achievement. A tribute to this true Pan-Africanist and definitely very kind man, who has left an indellible mark to many that he touched!! He is a true reflection of the kind of men Africa needs; hard working and genuinely in touch with their roots. Fare thee well. May God Rest his soul in Eternal Peace.”

Vangile (South Africa)

“My heartfelt condelences to the Rwayitare family. May God give them the courage and strength to tide over this extreme loss and grief.”

Jean-Pierre GAHIMA (Montréal, Canada)

“Nous avons été tous surpris par la triste nouvelle du décès de M. Miko Rwayitare. Mon épouse et nos filles se joignent à moi pour présenter nos sincères condoléances, en premier, à son épouse, ses enfants et à toute la famille en général, aux proches collaborateurs, amis et connaissances du défunt et à tous les amis de l’Afrique, en dernier.

En effet, l’Afrique vient de perdre un modèle de “success story” à l’africaine qui continuera d’inspirer plus d’un entrepreneur. Il est désormais indéniable de constater que l’entrepreneurship africain est appelé à réaliser de plus grandes choses avec l’aide de Dieu.

Puisse Dieu assister toute la famille, les amis et connaissances dans cette triste épreuve.

Yolande et Jean-Pierre GAHIMA,
Montréal, Canada”

Martine Gagnon (Belgium)

“Sincere condoleances to the Rwayitare Family as well as to all his collaborators and human beings inspired by his vision.”

Maurice Bucagu & Kagabo Luna (Rwanda)



“Mes sincères condoléances à la famille RWAYITARE
Conso we! saches que je partage ta peine sincèrement et celle de toute ta famille;je t’accompagne dans mes pensées et mes prières…

Odette K. Nyirahuku (USA)

“Mes condoleances les plus sinceres a la famille du disparu.
Que son ame repose en paix!”

Nounou (Danmark)

“Dear Family,
“Our deepest condolences on your loss. Our prayers are with you”.

Ndikumagenge’s family

eevelyne-samara haganje (canada)

“may the lord embrace you in his arms in this difficult time ,God bless u,samara”

Juliet (Rwanda)

“”Our sincere condolences to the bereaved family”
My His soul rest in eternal peace!

J.C Rwigamba & Juliet.”

sifa (Rwanda)

“A greatly missed Development and Eneterprising man.
Rwnada has a great Loss.
May His soul rest in Eternal Peace.”

Eduardo Valenzuela (Spain)

“C’est avec une immense tristesse que nous avons appris le récent décès de notre cher ami et frêre Miko.

Nous ne pouvons que regretter la disparition de cet homme exceptionnel et généreux que nous avons eu le privilège de connaître et apprécier pendant toutes ces années.

Nous souhaitons à toute sa famille et proches toute la force et le courage dont ils ont besoin en ces moments difficiles et leurs assurons de notre soutien. Miko sera toujours dans nos coeurs et nos esprits et nous le regretterons profondément.

Avec nos sincères condoléances,

  1. Eduardo Valenzuela Goudie”

Stranger KGAMPHE (South Africa)

“My Brother MIKO…..
With Deepest Sympathy, May your departure be our strength to continue flying the African Flag even higher. May Africa’s Ambassadors multiply through your spirit….


Rwagatore Thierry (Burundi and Canada)

“”If anyone has this world’s resources and sees his brother and fellow believer in need, yet closes his heart of compassion against him, how can the love of God live and remain in him? Let us not love merely in theory or in speech, but in deed and in truthâ€� (I John 3:17-18 AMP).

Je voudrais de la part de ma famille et de notre organisation soumettre mes sinceres condoleances a la famille et a toute l’equipe eprouvees. Je voudrais aussi honorer cet heritage que Minko laisse derriere lui. j’espere que son heritage et son oeuvre iront loin temoignant l’amour qu’il avait pour sa famille et pour le continent africain. Nous sommes tous fier de cette vie qu’il a menee. Prions qu’il y ait plusieurs Minko.

Bien a vous,
Executive Director
African Strategic Impact – ASI”

lerato mbele (South Africa)

“I met Miko & Wife at a dinner in Sun City. They were a jovial pair, who loved fun but with a touch of class. Many Rwandese people I have met hold Mr. Rwayitare in high esteem, regarding him as a business pioneer but generous philanthropist. As a journalist, I especially admire his business acumen. He was truly a leading light in business. He’s the kind of entrepreneur Africa needs in 21st Century. My condolences to the Rwayitare family. GOD bless your soul Miko. ”

Virginie Lemant & Peggy Richard (Belgique)

“Nous adressons toutes les deux nos sincères condoléances à toute la famille.
Monsieur Rwayitare était plus qu’un client pour nous mais un véritable ami et nous n’oublierons jamais les moments partagés avec lui.

Sincères pensées.

Virginie&Peggy du Radisson SAS Royal Hotel-Bruxelles”

fernandez (RW)

“”My deepest and sincere condolences to MIKO’s family

Rest In Peace ”

AJALI Samir (Belgium)

“Dears family of this great man,

I never meet him but following all what I heard and all what he left. I pride to be an Africa.
Thanks Mister Miko

Great regards and sincere condolences

Marie-Christine & Christophe Jouet (South Africa)

“Mr Miko was a great and humble man. My God treasure his soul as we treasured him, and he God.

Our deepest sympathy to Conso and family in this trying time. You are in our prayers.”

Nava Naidoo (South Africa)

“My most sincere condolences to the Rwayitare family at this time of loss. Miko was not only a great businessman but a phenomenal human being. It’s the youth of Africa that will suffer most as he was always willing to listen to their entrepreneurial ideas, give insight and help. His untimely death has left a void in our hearts and the business world but his legacy will live on forever. ”

Ken van Zyl (South Africa)

“I remember Miko as a gentleman and a gentle man.He was hospitable and a man of his word. I was very sorry to hear the sad news and send my sympathy to his family as well as Max Munga and Dr Rukina.”

Sammy Naidoo (South Africa)

“A wonderful person and a dear friend, will always be remembered for the great contribution you made.”

Nava Naidoo (South Africa)


Doug Herold (South Africa / France)

“Our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Rwayitare and family and Friends on the passing of such a great man. From Doug Herold of United Aircaft Sales and Alain Lemee of Dasault Aviation in Paris, France.”

Camille Vermoesen (Spain)

“Très attristé par la soudaine disparition de Miko,que je connaissais
depuis plus de trente ans bien avant même qu’il ne prit son envol
dans le domaine des télécommunications.Il inspirait la sympathie et le respect.
A son épouse,aux enfants,aux membres de sa famille et au Dr Twagira mes pensées affectueuses en ce moment difficile de leur vie. ”


“I met Miko Rwayitare thanks to Roger Diogo. We met three times, for GSM Congress occasion.

Miko Rwayitare received us in Cape Town in his own house and I remember that we missed the return plane to France because of his wine ! We thus had dinner together and there I discovered a man of a big intelligence, a spirit man and a visionary man. A real source of inspiration for the telecom industry !
Miko Rwayitare had a high quality of hospitality and I really hoped with Roger Diogo to see him once more, maybe during the next Cape Town GSM Congress ! So it is with great sadness that I learnt his passing away and I shall always keep in memory the souvenir of this famous evening. Our journeys in South Africa won’t be the same now.
Sincere condolences ”

Dawid van Wyk (South Africa)

“One of the nicest people I’ve ever met; a loss to the telecoms industry and to humanity. Condolences to the family.”

Camille VERMOESEN ()


Thabo Motea (South Africa)

“Our sincere condolences to the family for their loss. We will be with them in our prayers. Miko was an inspiration to us in the Telecoms industry, both young and old. He has shown throughout the years how we can grow in stature. A true African spirit.His humility,grace and intelligence will be missed by some of us who were looking up to him as a pioneer and leader in the communications field.Rest in peace.”

Andrew P. Jones (South Africa)

“When a giant tree falls,
The entire forest mourns the loss of ages
And the birds fly a little lower that day.
The sun does set.
But when it rises again,
Decades of memories come with it
and the tree lives again.
Forever in our hearts.
As light.”

Jannie Ngwale (Executive Chairman of The Agency) (South Africa)

“It is with great shock and sadness to hear about the passing away of Miko Rwayitare. He was indeed a source of inspiration and courage to African businessmen and women. Our sincere condolences to his clan and family.”

MIchel Museme Diawe (RD COngo)

“Miko , une perte incommensurable pour l’Afrique . Un modèle dont les générations futures devraient copier .
Que Dieu reçoive son âme”

Michel Museme Fiawe (RD Congo)

Le Congo et l’Afrique vient de perdre en Miko Rwayitare une véritable lumière . Sans doute l’un de meilleurs managers que l’Afrique ait connu ces dernières décennies
Un self made man dont la jeunesse africaine devra s’inspirer . Miko Rwayitare était un patrimoine na”

Bongi Dlamini (South Africa)

“Madame Conso,
Car Dieu a tant aimé le monde qu’il a donné son Fils unique, afin que quiconque croit en lui ne périsse point, mais qu’il ait la vie éternelle.

Mon “PATRON” you were the kind of a father that seeks what is best for your children and care about others needs over your own. we will always remember you as the most friendly, warm and good-hearted peron making every occasion full of laughter and fun with your great sense of humour, as well as experiences that can never be replaced.
Mr. Miko, May you leave us your footsteps to folow as a good man and a dedicated leader to all of us who knew you. Africa has lost a great LEADER and a great FATHER.

May GOD be with your soul and look over your family during this hard times… REST IN PEACE!

Tony De Aguiar (South Africa)

“My sincere condolences to the Rwayitare family on the untimely passing of Miko, the world is all the poorer for the loss of a true gentleman and great entrepreneur.”

Veli Nene (RSA)

“NAFCOC-GAUTENG is sincerly sending condolances to the berieved famaly MIKO’S Famaly ‘SITHI LALA NGOXOLO’ my his soul rest in peace”

Veli Nene (RSA)


Christine Tantuo (KENYA)

“Though we never met, I knew you were a great man. From those who knew you, to those who heard about you, it was obvious that you left a mark in everyone that you came across.

Africa has lost a great man.

Rest In Peace Miko”

Marc BALLION (Belgium)

“I met for the first time Miko Rwayitare in Kinshasa in the seventies : I was at that time very impressed by the charisma of a young man of great promise.
So it was a great honor more than 25 years after to welcome him as member of the board of Voice-Insight , Brussels.
Please,accept my sincere sympathy.

Marc Ballion

Ariane F (RSA)

“May his soul Rest In Peace. He was a great man, i did not had the chance to work for him, but what i am sure of, is that he will stay in our mind for long. His journey has come to an end, but i belive he has accomplished his mission on earth. My sincere condolences to his family and may God gives you the courage & strengh to continue what your husband & father started. ”

Tiisetso Tsukudu (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare family we say: “Ngxe, akuhlanga lungehliyo”, be comforted as “what has happened is experienced by all of us”.You are thus not alone in your grief, we share it with you.

As a continent and a people we have had the honour of being touched by a humble yet successful enterpeneur and business person that Miko was.He served and will continue to serve as a visionary role model for us and many an African child. It is sad that such a bright light is dimmed when its shine and sparkle is still enjoyed and needed to show the way.

“Hamba kakuhle Miko”, go well and may your soul rest in peace.”

Kalisa Lambert(Tintin) (Belgique)

“Dear conso,children’s and friends.

The world has lost a pottentiel investor.We appreciate his trailblaizing leadership role.
Our prayers to his family.
Go in peace uncle Miko.

Kalisa family.

Brett Thomas (South Africa)

“My deepest sympathy and condolences to the Rwayitare family. On the few occasions upon which I had the privilege of meeting with Miko, I was always struck by his warmth and vast intellect. The African continent has certainly lost a great man, a visionary and an ambassador. Rest in peace.”

Bryan Zurel (South Africa)

“Sincerest condolences to Consolatta, the children and Albert. Your Husband, Father, Brother and Friend was a Great Man and will be fondly remembered. May His sole Rest in Peace! ”

Zola L Fihlani (South Africa)

“Africa has lost a son. As an investment banker i feel priviledged to have worked personally with Miko in realising his vision for a better Africa. The people of Africa will remember you as a real and true visionary and a entrepreneur. You were really a true son of the soil and an inspiration to a lot. The investment banking community and people of Africa will remember your courage and your wisdom.

Our deepest condolences to your family and friends. May your soul rest in piece Miko.”

Diane Tshiala-Mwana (South Africa)

“It with a sad heart, that my family and I say good bye to you Tonton Miko. Our condolences to Rwayitare Family. May the Almighty strengthens and comforts you in your unbearable pain.
We thank you Tonton for all the times you came through for us and for always being such a cheerful person. You will honestly be missed by many. But we know that you went to a happier place.

May your soul rest in peace Tonton!!!

meyfroidt/ BRUSSELS AIRLINES (Belgium)

“I have learn Miko and his hight intelligence in Brussels as well in Kigali. Great and Wise man.
Condoleances to all his family

michel meyfroidt
brussels airlines ”

Thembekile Mdlophane (South Africa)

“To Miko’s Family I was so very sorry to hear you have lost someone so precious to your heart.I know words can’t begin to comfort you at this sad time, but please remember how much you’re cared about……and know you are being kept in thoughts of deepest care and love.

Personally i’ve known Miko through a Friend (Bongi) who worked for in the Sandton office, he inspired lot of people and He will be sorely missed for his good heart.

Rest in peace Miko ” Uyidlalile indima yakho”

Paul Mees (RSA/BE)

“A brief candle; both ends burning
An endless mile; a bus wheel turning
A friend to share the lonesome times
A handshake and a sip of wine
So say it loud and let it ring
We are all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird
You’re free at last…

but we who stay behind, will always remember you!

Mzuzukile “Zuko” Soni (South Africa)

“I had the privilege of meeting Mr Miko Rwayitare approximately 2 months ago. In that short time he made a significant mark in my life. As young African man, I feel we have suffered a loss, but we must take what we learnt from this great warrior and run our race. To his family, I wish to pass my condolences and pray God’s comfort be upon you. To his friends and business associates, celebrate his life and what he stood for. God bless you”

Emson Moyo (South Africa)

“It is sad that I learn of the loss of Mr Rwayitare. In a few dealings with him I found that he was inteligent, humble and committed to projecting Africa forward in ICT sector. Africa is poorer for the loss of this pioneer and giant of telecommunications in Africa. Rest in Peace”

Flavien Bachabi (USA)

“Miko Rwayitare was a grand brother and a friend. He has inspired and contributed to the development of telecoms in Africa. He was the prototype of family person, smart entrepreneur and truly human and humble person.

May his soul rest in peace, and may God bless his family and everything he left behind. We already miss him, and will always miss him!

Flavien Bachabi”

Sello Rabele (SA)

“My deepest condolences to Miko’s family. May his African soul rest in peace, and his legacy live forever.”

Chantal Mukeba (South Africa)

“Ma famille et moi-même présentons nos condoléances les plus attristées à la famille de Mr Alexis Miko Rwayitare et à tous ceux qui lui ont été chers.
Miko a été un ami ,un modèle et un pilier pour beaucoup.
Sa gentillesse et sa générosité nous marqueront à jamais.


Chantal MUKEBA”

Alexandra Kageruka (Belgium)

“I just wanted to express my deepest and sincere condolences to Tonton Miko’s family.

Tonton, may your soul rest in peace.


Pélagie (Rwanda)

“Toutes mes condoléances à la famille Miko Alex Rwayitare.Qu’il se repose en paix et que Dieu tout puissant garde sa famille dans ces moments dificiles et pour toujours.


Alfred Kowo (South Africa)

“Africa has been robbed of a true son of the soil, a Pan Africanist. May his soul rest in peace”

Moise Manzi (canada)

“My deepest and sincere condolences to the family
No words can discribe such an inspiration and courage of what MIKO
had shown thoughout his entire life,
As a father,a brother,an entrepreneur,a friend and most of all a true african,you will always be remembered as a model to all of us

We will pray that the path you have started to have the whole Continent seen differently does no end in vain,,

Rest in peace,
Moise Manzi

Familla Francois Karuretwa (Gisenyi- Rwanda)

“Nous avons eu le privilege de passer l’une de ses dernieres soirees avec Miko a Washington D.C. il y a 3 semaines. Il etait l’image meme de la joie de vivre et de la bonte. Nous resterons avec cette image dans nos coeurs.
Sinceres condoleances a toue la famille:

Maman Umulinga, Umulinga, Patrick et Kaliza KARURETWA”

birasa (usa)




Kholeka Mzondeki (SA)

“As much as I did mot know Miko Rwayitare personally I admired his courage & successes in business. He was a true inspiration to the African child.

My he rest in peace knowing he made his contribution on this earth.

Judith Aidoo (USA)

“I am undoubtedly joined by the scores of entrepreneurs and friends that Miko helped over the years in saying, once again, THANK YOU, “PATRON”, for being a great mentor and uncle. I am grateful to God for having known Mr. Miko and his beautiful family, and I promise to pass on the many lessons that Mr. Miko taught me to his children in particular, and to our larger African family. May God bless and strengthen the extended Rwayitare family, and know that our father and brother Miko completed his mission on earth faithfully. May we continue the extraordinary work that Miko started, by building on his legacy, good works, and love for all people. My hands and heart are open: please let me know how I can help… Respectfully, and with heartfelt gratitude, Judith Aidoo, friend, mentee, and business partner”

Dr Alexis Mbongo Ntumbe (Canada)

“Miko was for me and my family all over the world as a big and supportive brother. I will remember and thanks him for his material and financial help he personnaly gave me for my dental and surgical postgraduate studies I did in Gent (Belgium) during the years 98-83.

I wish all my condoleances to Consolatta, children and all the Miko family.

God be blessed!

Alexis Mbongo (Montreal-Canada)”

Dr B. N. DIOP (Senegal)

“Huge & terrible loss for the African Continent! Sincere condolences to the Rwayitare. Babacar & Aisha DIOP”

Selvaraju Muthusamy (Malaysia)

“As someone who had the good fortune to work for Telecel in Geneva during a time of difficult change (Aug-Oct 1998), and later in Malaysia as CEO of his Connect Communications Sdn Bhd. venture, I was a direct beneficiary of his generosity, wisdom and unique ability to ‘touch and inspire’ directly the lives of ordinary people all over the world.

I will always remember with great fondness his extreme calmness, his quiet persistence, ability/willingness to think through clearly every difficult situation, the ability to trust, assign, keep straight and inspire people of diverse backgrounds to reach for the skies, attempt the impossible, and miraculously, somehow, make it all come together. His intelligence, generosity, his ‘feel’ for business, and perhaps best of all, his unassuming/natural finesse in everything he did will inspire me always.

I wish to express my deepest condolences to his wife Consolatta and all the children. We had the good fortune to meet several of them during their visit to KL in 2001, and the visit to Penang will forever be etched in my memory.

Thank you Miko for sharing a minute part of your life with me, I will remember your kindness and sharing fondly for the rest of my life, and in this very trying time of their lives, I humbly request Consolatta and all members of the family and friends to look after themselves health-wise as they deal with this untimely loss.

Selva M. Selvaraju
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ”


“Dear Miko, your departure has left a big void in Africa.It was a privilege and an honour for having taken part in the building of your home in Sandhurst.Throughout our project you have shown your geatest assett and that is to understand each person irrespective of his station in life : Africa has certainly lost a great leader who through his working life has demonstrated that an African is capable to achieve great heights and to lead others to follow suit.Miko you will not be easily forgotten and your achievements will be an example to our young Africans.

To Conso, whom I had the privilege to meet on numerous occasion, and children, mes sinceres condoleances et grand courage. George Barbic”

Serge Kapuya (RSA)

“Le départ de Miko laisse une plaie dans l’âme du continent.
Miko a été une inspiration pour toute personne qui aspire au progrès, et toute personne qui a eu le privilège de cette inspiration gardera une mémoire impérissable de ce géant.

Que Dieu ait son âme

Serge Kapuya et famille”

Alain Kamandali (Canada)

“My deepest sympathy to Miko’s familly;

A great Man who cared about others has left this world but his achievements will live forever. Miko is a good example of a “GREAT HUMAN BEING”. He touched people’s heart by helping and his successful life had a positive impact on human kind.
God Bless, You will be remembered forever.

My family Alain Kamandali”

Jean-Louis Kayitenkore (Rwanda)

“Chere Famille, je trouve injuste les circonstances du depart de Mzee Miko.

Je presente ici mes condoleances les plus emues.

Que l’Eternel dans sa bonte, lui reserve une bonne place.

Avec mes prieres, mes sentiments fraternels et tout mon amour”

Haymoz-Umulisa Agathe (Suisse)

“Chère famille,
Je suis de tout coeur avec vous dans cette douloureuse épreuve!Moi j’ai connu Mr. Miko quand je vivais à Kinshasa.
Toute ma famille vous présente ses condoléances et vous accompagne par nos pensées et nos prières!!
Agathe Haymoz et famille



Conny Kullman (Switzerland)

“Dear Mrs. Rwayitare,

I am saddened by the premature passing of Miko; he had so much more to offer not only Africa, but also the rest of the world. I met Miko at a conference that my company Intelsat was arranging in South Africa and had the opportunity to follow him to his vineyard in Stellenbosch for one of the greatest lunches I ever had. I learnt a lot about him and his business; he was a true entrepreneur and I am sure many of the young successful Africans that I have met over recent years had him as one of their main role models. The world is a poorer place without him. My thoughts are with you and your family.


Kalisa Caneton Eric (Canada)

“Très chère conso ainsi que les enfants,
Le malheur qui vient brutalement de vous frapper nous laisse confondus de chagrin.
Nous n’avions pas la force de vous appeler en ces moments, ne trouvant pas quels mots pourraient inverser le cours inexorable du destin.
Que peuvent les mots pour dire notre peine inexprimable?
Nos coeurs pleurent auprès des vôtres et vous gardent toute leur tendresse.
La famille de Ton frere et ami
Eric Caneton Kalisa”

Grace Nkubana (United States)

“Dear Mrs. Rwayitare:

Much as I do not know you, I was deeply saddened to hear the news about the sudden death of your husband. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. I know you will miss your husband greatly. During this difficult time, please draw upon your strength and the strength of loved ones that hold you in your thoughts. You and your children have my deepest sympathy. May God be with you and May your husband’s sole rest in PEACE.

Grace Nkubana

Sibongiseni Mkhungo (South Africa)

“Heartfelt condolences to the Rwayitare family.
I had a pleasure of dining with Miko, who so impressed me with his knowledge of business, enterpreneurship, telecoms & media as well as Africa’s development challenges…
I was still looking forward to the establishment of his “Africa’s Institute of Excellence” – upon his ‘retirement’…
Africa has lost one of her greatest children.
My prayers are with his family.

Dr. wolfgang Heinl (UK)

“I had the privilege of meeting Miko – whose energy and business sense impressed me – as did his command of my mother tongue – German.
I was looking forward to renewing our meeting on my next trip to Uganda/South Africa, alas it is not to be.
Indeed Africa has lost a great visionary and entrepreneur.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Zenzo Lusengo (South Africa)

“Sincere condolences to the Rwayitare family on the untimely passing of Miko , who will always be rembered as one of Africa’s great entrepreneurs . ”

Ben Musonza (South Africa)

“I only ever met Miko in passing really, but I feel that I knew him well. His passing has really touched me. Its sad though that the media in South Africa has made the passing of such an AFRICAN pioneer a low key event. Many in my circles only learnt of his passing via telephone calls from friends in DRC.

Rest in Peace Miko.”


“I learnt with deep sorrow the passing away of Mr. Miko Rwayitare on Sept. 25,2007. I first met him and Consolata his wife,in the then Zaire in Goma and Kinshasa , while I was fighting for the liberation of Rwanda. We became close as individuals and as people tht shared a common cause- The liberation of mother Rwanda. As we carried on, I developed the feeling that Mr. Miko lived for a purpose higher than himself-living for the bigger Rwandan Community; and that his was a focussed and puroeful life. I can only say that he carried a well lit torch that has been well passed to the future generations. MAY HE REST IN PEACEFUL AND ETERNAL LIFE.
To Conso and the rest of the family-Please keep courage during these difficult times. We will forever remain frieds. We are together emotionally although we are unable to physically join you. Lots of love.”

Fazela Haniff & David Himbara (South Africa)

“Dear Conso and family

We know that no words is soft enough to console you at this time of grief but we want you to know that we are thinking of you in these sad times. May you find comfort in the memories you have shared.

Always, Dillea, Fazela and Himbara”


“To Conso & kids, Albert & family,
May God helps you in these sad moments…
Thank you, Dear MIKO, for what you did for AFRICA…
You are a the best example for young entrepreneurs…
We miss you and will pray for your family…

May your soul rest in peace!

Mukazi & family”

Benson Ndung’u (Uganda)

“May the lord give Consolatta and her family strength and peace during this moment of grief. In Miko, the world has lost a great mind. May his soul rest in eternal peace! ”

Vitor Miranda (South Africa)

“On behalf of Gemalto and in my own, I would like to express our greatest symphathy to Family and recognize the chance to have met the humanitarian and entrepreneurial Man there was in Mr.Miko Rwayitare.

Vitor Miranda


“Dear Conso and family
May I take this opportunity of wishing you strength at this very sad time time and may you find comfort in fond memories. Shannon Kimberley”

Musinga T. Bandora (TANZANIA)

“Miko inspired many with his monumental business achievements and showed us that nothing is impossible if you put your mind and full determination into it. God blessed him with the art of enterprise and opportunity. Yet in his success, he remained humble. His untimely passing is a tragic loss to many-his immediate family and the larger community of friends and business- to whom he will always be remembered as a good friend and dependable partner. RIP ”

Alioune DIENG (Senegal)

“I knew Miko when I was posted in the DRC by CWN back in 1999 and thereafter by VODACOM-DRC as CEO of the first GSM network in the DRC.
He was a pioneer and a man of vision for having introduced mobile cellular phone in Africa back in the 80’s. Despite the competing situation we found ourselves in, he never kept his advise and suggestions from his younger brothers: we use to call him Big Brother.May other africans perpetuate his ambitions and vision for our Continent.
May he rest in peace”

Josephine Pswarayi (South Africa)

“Africa has lost a great man and visionary.May all his visions serve as an inspiration to all those that remain and priviledged to appreciate his work.

Rest in Peace.


vira ndaliko (South Africa)

“Miko, you were my best friend, my father, my brother, my boss, my confidante, my rock, my ambassador, my true leader and many more. You brought to South Africa 7 years ago to be by your side as you settled here and started new businesses. You included me in your family and I just dont understand how I will get through with you. You are my hero. However, I know that you are in a good place with God and we will always always always always love you and miss you. Love from Vira.”

Pumelelo Patrick Mguye (South Africa)

“The world is beginning to fill up with people who don’t add value to humanity, we’ve lost a great one indeed. My his soul rest in peace, and heartfelt condolences to his entire family”


“It is with great regret that I read of the passing of Miko. My thoughts and prayers go to Consolatta and the children. May they find peace and solace in the happy memories of their father and husband.

Rest In Peace Miko.”

Kemper Charles (Belgium)

“Ses collègues dans le Conseil administration de Voice-Insight ont appris avec tristesse le décès inopiné de Miko Rwayitare.
Monsieur Rwayitare, laissera bien évidemment l’image de ce grand capitaine d’industrie et businessman qu’il était, mais aussi celle d’un visionnaire mariant technologie et société et d’un être profondément humain s’attachant au développement de la société mondiale.
Ce fut pour nous tous un honneur de pouvoir le côtoyer professionnellement et un plaisir à chaque rencontre de par l’intelligence et l’humanité de ses propos.
Nous présentons à ses proches nos plus sincères condoléances.

Charles Kemper
CEO Voice-Insight

Au nom du conseil d’administration et team

Felix Munyakazi Nkusi (South Africa)

I have memories of Miko since his first steps in the telecommunications in his humble residential building in Kinshasa.
Miko has proven a great deal of entrepreneurship on the continent and internationaly. It is dream that became true.
WE are all proud of his had work achievements and his memory will live for ever in our heart.
May you rest in peace Miko !

TSHONDO Gilbert (Suisse)

“Je n’ai connu Miko qu’àtravers certains de ses amis ou certains membres
de sa famille…Ce que j’ai retenu, c’est que c’était un homme d’une grande modestie et d’une grande bonté. Son départ prématuré est une grande perte non seulement pour sa famille mais aussi pour beaucoup d’autres pour qui il était un ami,un patron, un bienfaiteur, un partenaire. Sa mort est aussi une grande perte pour l’Afrique…
Par ce message de sympathie j’envoie une pensée fraternelle àConso, àAlbert et àChantal et une tendre pensée aux enfants qui étaient copains aux miens lorsque ces derniers séjournaient àJohannesbourg…J’exprime aussi bien sûr toute ma sympathie àla maman éprouvée et aux autres membres de la famille. Uwiteka abahe imbaraga zo kubana n’ako gahinda.”

Lisa Myburgh (South Africa)

“I am honoured to have known such a wonderful man, not only as an employer but as one of the kindest human beings around. Mr Miko made all his employees feel like they were part of his family and he was definately the best person I had ever worked for.

My condolences to Madame Conso, children and family.

The world is a poorer place place without Mr Miko…”

Felix Munyakazi Nkusi (South Africa)

I have memories of Miko since his first steps in the telecommunications in his humble residential building in Kinshasa.
Miko has proven a great deal of entrepreneurship on the continent and internationaly. It is dream that became true.
WE are all proud of his had work achievements and his memory will live for ever in our heart.
May you rest in peace Miko !


“Toutes mes condoléances à la famille Miko. Que Dieu vous bénisse de sa paix et joie malgré ces circonstances.”


“Toutes mes condoléances à la famille Miko. Que Dieu vous bénisse de sa paix et joie malgré ces circonstances.”

Manya Yav (SA/DRC)

“So very sorry to hear of Mr Miko Rwayitare’s death. My warmest wishes to all of you who knew him personally and worked closely with him. I am sure words cannot convey the extent of what you are feeling.It is a sad day for Africa, we will remember him as a Panafrican who has allowed us to dream beyond the imaginable, he is simply a great inspiration for young Africans.

Manya Yav
Microsoft ”

Jeanne Mukamusoni (Rwanda)

“A la grande famille Gatare et Rwayitare, à Albert et Béatrice amis d’enfance, toutes mes condoléances. Que le Seigneur acceuille dans son Royaume, ce Grand frère bien-aimé.”

Moyana Ntimane (South Africa)

“Remember that when we leave this world we are not dead but passed on to another world. And these worlds are two. If we go where he is we will see him again. Do not despair family members you will see him again

My condelences GOD bless ”

Ben Mwangi (Uganda)

“I did not have a chance to meet his family, but getting to meet him a couple of times as my client at UTL always gave me immense pleasure and inspiration .It was always joy being associated with such an investment genius!Like his family, the Investment world will miss one of their greats”

B ()


Festus Bizimana (Rwanda)

“It was with a great chock and deep sorrow that I heard the bad news of Miko`s passing away. I knew Miko few years ago and I still remember the first time I met with him. I had immediately got a very good impression of the greatness of the man I was talking to. Miko will be for ever a man of great value not only for Rwanda but also for the whole Africa. We really lost a visionary. My sincere condolences to Conso, children and the entire family.May his soul rest in peace.

Hilda Dreyer (South Africa)

“Miko impressed me from the first moment we met with his unexpected wittiness and his brilliant business acumen. He was the kind of person that you wish to meet at least once in your life and he will be missed by those of us who had the pleasure.”

Dr. Pius C. Kasolo (South Africa)

“On behalf of the Zambezi Holdings, the Kasolo family and indeed on my own behalf, I would like to pass my sincere condolences to Miko’s family, to Telecel and to Mikcor Investments on the untimely passing away of a great African and an Icon of telecommunications in Africa and the world at large. I knew Miko as a very clever person and an excellent communicator. In spite of his achievements and as a highly successful business and very worthy man, Miko was humble and down to earth. He always shook my hand firmly whenever we met and with his wit sense of humour he would say “are you making moneyâ€�. We will miss Miko you were our inspiration. May you rest in peace until we meet again? “Fika po wemu sambashiâ€� as the Bembas would say.”

Pascale Bonzom (Madagascar)

“I would like to give my most sincere condoleances to Miko’s family. I hope that the grief will not be too unbearable. I met Miko through work when he came to help us launch the ‘Unleashing Entrepreneurship” report in Madagascar at the end of 2004 and his kindness and humility despite his life achievements impressed me very much. I will not forget him and he will remain a source of inspiration for me going forward. ”

Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Brussels (Brussels – Belgium)

“Toute l’équipe du Radisson SAS Royal Hotel souhaite exprimer ses sincères condoléances à toute la famille Rwayitaré.

Avec amitié,

Willem van der Zee and Staff”

ruzibiza hildegard (Côte d’Ivoire)

“Ntituza kwibagirwa”

Liesel Schiffer (France (Paris))

“C’est avec beaucoup d’étonnement et de tristesse que je viens d’apprendre la disparition de Miko, qui nous avait accueillis si chaleureusement lors de notre voyage en Afrique du Sud, à l’automne 1999, Benjamin Sehene et moi. Que dire d’intelligent face à la mort ? Juste que je garde le souvenir d’un homme généreux, charmant, drôle, ouvert aux autres et aussi que je pense fort à Conso, son épouse, et à leurs enfants, qui doivent se sentir bien éprouvés.
Avec toute mon amitié
Liesel Schiffer”

Kholeka Mzondeki (South Africa)

“As much as I did mot know Miko Rwayitare personally I admired his courage & successes in business. He was a true inspiration to the African child.

My he rest in peace knowing he made his contribution on this earth.

Khole ()

“As much as I did mot know Miko Rwayitare personally I admired his courage & successes in business. He was a true inspiration to the African child.

My he rest in peace knowing he made his contribution on this earth.

Nana Sebera – Kelly (RSA)

“Those We Love Remain Part of Us “Our loved ones leave the world, but never our hearts.”

The sudden death of Miko is a devastating loss for our community in the diaspora and our continent. Miko was a wonderful, energetic and without a doubt a true “Son of the soil”. He will be sorely missed by all of us, May his soul rest in peace.

To the Rwayitare and Gatare family; May it comfort you to know friends are thinking of you and remembering you in their prayers.

Sebera and Kelly’s families

Innocent Mberabagabo (Rwanda)

“A big loss to the world and much bigger loss to the family. Only the nature chooses the best, once again it confirms it and this round was Miko’s.
My deepest condolences go to Consolatta, kids and Africa.

Rest in peace and thank you for everything.

Innocent on behalf of Late P. Gashyashyari.”

Mr Laurent HARTE (Belgium)

“Mes sincères condoléances à toute la famille de Miko.
Laurent Harte”

Jean-Bosco Kazirukanyo (BURUNDI/SOUTH AFRICA)

Our deepest condolences to Conso, the Family and Friends of the great, kind and humble man that Miko was.


Rest in peace!

Jean-Bosco & Family”

Mutumwa Mawere (South Africa)

“Our deepest condolences to Consolatta, the Children, Family and Friends. May the almighty God be with you all in this truly sad moment. Miko was and will always remain special African economic revolutionary less blinded by the boundaries that separate Africans but challenged by the potential of the continent to live up to its promise to citizens. Having hosted him as one of the speakers at AHS in its infancy, I can speak for many in saluting Miko for a life that has meaning not only to our generation but will remain iconic for future generations. He inspired all around him and he will truly be missed. He represented the best in mankind and handled himself with humor, humility, simplicity, wisdom, and integrity. He will remain an ambassador for what AHS stands for and what all Africans should represent if the continent has to progress to a level that he tirelessly worked for.

Lin Smith (South Africa)

“On behalf of Services & Tourism Training Institute and The Origins Centre, we wish to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Mr. Rwayitare. May God give you the peace which passeth all understanding.”


“On behalf of Rwandese Diaspora of France and myself, we would like to express our deepest condolences to Miko’s family and freinds.
May God be with you all in this truly sad moment and May his sole rest in PEACE.

Présidente (Comunauté Rwandaise de France) ”

Thierry Mba (South Africa)

“Miko Brilliant Man, Good family Man, a true African entrepreneur with a vision for Africa and passion for developing African infrastructures in general and African Telecommunication in particular.
You are a hero to a lot of us young entrepreneurs!
You will always be remembered as one of the greatest!
May your soul rest in peace.
Sincere condoleances to the widow Conso and to your children.

Thierry Mba

mauro de nicola (RSA)

“Je voudrais exprimer, a mon nome personnel et cela de mon epouse Jenny, mes sinceres condoleances a la famille.
Mes souvenir remontent a plus de vingt an, quand j’ai eu le plaisir de connaitre Mr MIKO a kinshasa.
Un grande perte pour toute la famille et tous ce qui le connessaient!
Que son ame repose en paix

mauro & jenny de nicola”

Alan Pick (R.S.A)

“You will be sorely missed by Alan ,Patrick and all the staff at The Butcher Shop & Grill. Our condolences to the family.”

Precious Shuping (Aouth Africa)

“My condolences to the Rwayitare family, what a great man that we have lost as anation,we the younger generation we were looking up to him, may the angels welcome his soul.

He will be missed dearly!”

Mazo (South Africa)

“Condolences to the whole family.
We have lost a great African pioneer who has inspired and showed the world that we as Africans CAN do it.”

Martine Steinegger (Switzerland)

“A la mémoire de Miko,
Cet homme formidable que j’ai appris à connaître et estimer au fil des années,
Un extraordinaire visionnaire, doté d’une telle gentillesse qu’il nous faisait nous sentir humble à son contact,
L’image de son bonheur lorsqu’il était à Mont Rochelle restera dans ma mémoire.

Benjamin Sehene (France)

“Miko Rwayitare who I got to know several years ago, was of great inspiration in my struggle as a writer and individual, for he was a very generous, visionary and humble man. I will always remember the enriching,and concise conversations I had with him in Joburg… We will greatly miss him.
All my condolences to Consolata, his children and all members of his family.
Benjamin Sehene”

Gwen Britz (South Africa)

“A terrible loss to the industry and and even bigger loss for the family – heartfelt condolences to Consolatta, all the wonderful children and family – all our best wishes to the family during this teribly sad time. If there is anything I can do to assist during this difficult time, please do not hesitate to call.

Kindest regards

Gwen Britz

Dalitso Morgan Mwanza (South Africa)

“Im saddned by the sudden passing of the enterpreneur extra-ordarnaire,Miko as a son of Africa trully started a revolution in the telecom sector when the all of the continent doubted his ability or of anyone providing a successful mobile telephony venture
my first cellphone in my country of birth Zambia was from Telecel this is how big Miko is and will continue to be in the books of african history and its emancipation – my heart goes to his family may our Good lord continue to provide them with His pillar of strength in this trying times – MSRIP

Gwen Britz (South Africa)


antoine Rubaki Sibo (Spain)

“Un homme visionnaire, bon et genereux, qu´il se repose en paix. Mes condoléances les plus emues à sa femme Consolata et à toute sa famille.”

John Bosco KALISA (Rwanda)

“The World has lost a pottential investor may God give him eternal life . we shall continue to remember him as a beloved Rwandese.”

Karabo Sehloho (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare family

My deepest condolences to the whole famly. Know that in your darkest hour, you can count and lean on Jesus and the Holy Spirit. May the Lord God strengthen you and carry you. Remember, joy comes in the morning.

Karabo Sehloho”

Nyasha Nhamo (RSA)

“I count myself blessed to have known such a great man. He was one of the most humble and loving person I ever met and one the greatest businessman that Africa ever produced. Africa has lost a true champion.

“Miko you will be dearly missed. You have left a void which will be very difficult to fill. May your soul rest in peace.”

To the Rwayitare Family my heartfelt condolences, I know that our Lord Jesus Christ is watching over.

And to all at MIH & Telecel people may the Lord keep you strong and may you keep his legacy alive.

  1. Mampeule (RSA)

“Rest in Peace & Rise in Glory.”

Bodwin Kalenga (RSA)

“Good time and good boss at Sozacom in DRC”

Ezra Bunyenyezi (Rwanda)

“Dear Conso, the Children and Friends
We are all blessed to have been family and friends to a great man in the names of Miko Rwayitare. His passing away is a mere reminder of reality but hardly an iota of ever forgetting the greatness of the man he was. He made us feel equal, He made proud, He made us feel at Home and He made us feel Family. Ibuhoro bwa Miko bwuzuye Amahoro ya Miko. Luck are those who knew him and even luckier for us his friends. A man highly talented in everything and a true mentor to the younger and older.
Let us Celebrate Miko’s Life.

Doug Munatsi (South Africa/Zimbabwe)

“Inspired many in Africa to entrepreneurship and achievement making a statement that Africans can. We appreciate his trailblaizing leadership role. Our prayers to his family. May his soul rest in peace.”

John Dumba (Uganda(Uganda Telecom))

“It was with great shock that we recieved the news of the untimely death of our “father” of the Telecel recruits of 2001. Many of us have been inspired by the hardwork,dedication and the drive of the pioneer of the communication revolution on the continent of Africa.
“Lives of great men like Miko remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing,leave behind us the footprints on the sands of time”
John and Rachel Dumba,Uganda.

magnus heystek (South Africa)

“Condolences to Miko’s wife and children.
Miko was a true gentleman and a kind soul.
Go in peace Miko”

  1. Justin Chinyanta (South Africa)

“To the Rwayitare Family
We thank our brother Miko for leading the way and providing us all with a basis on which Africa and Africans can be taken seriously by the world. He will be missed. May God rest his soul in eternal peace and provide comfort to all his immediate family and the global fmily who mourn his passing.
N. Justin Chinyanta
Chairman and CEO
Loita Holdings Corporation. ”

Nyasha Nhamo (RSA)

“I count myself blessed to have known such a great man. He was one of the most humble and loving person I ever met and one the greatest businessman that Africa ever produced. Africa has lost a true champion.

“Miko you will be dearly missed. You have left a void which will be very difficult to fill. May your soul rest in peace.”

To the Rwayitare Family my heartfelt condolences, I know that our Lord Jesus Christ is watching over.

And to all at MIH & Telecel people may the Lord keep you strong and may you keep his legacy alive.

Maud et Bernard (RSA)

“He was a faithful and sincere friend, he was a model of loyalty, of humility, of courtesy.
He did more for Africa than most of well-known people.
He was a real human being, as well as a visionary man.
He was well known for all he achieved in his life, but he was respected for the way he achieved all that.

Tu nous manqueras, Miko.
Nous perdons un ami, un exemple, un père spirituel.
Conso, nous partageons ta peine, ta tristesse, ta détresse.
Tu sais que Maud et moi sommes et serons toujours présents pour toi et les enfants.

Maud et Bernard”

Moss Mashishi (South Africa)

“To Miko Rwayitare’s family

On behalf of Matemeku Group and on my personal behalf I wish to extend my deepest condolence to Mrs Rwayitare,David and the entire Rwayitare family.Miko achieved much, inspired many and examplified that dilligence is the ultimate guarantor of success.We trust you will find strength in the knowledge that he lead a fullfilled life.May his soul rest in peace. Our prayers are with you.

Moss Mashishi

Mandla Makhathini (Durban , South Africa)

“Sincere condolences to you all on your loss of Mike.
May the Holy Spirit be your stength and your guide.

God Blesss
Mandla Makhathini
Bluff Improvement Centre”

Dr. A. Vorster (South Africa & France)

“Dear Rwayitare Family,

Please accept my sincere condolences both personal and on behalf of Corbase and QMobile Telecom Group’s with the passing of a great man who will trully be missed.

May you find relief for your grief in knowing that God will guide you through this difficult time,

Dr. A. Vorster
CEO QMobile & Corbase International Trust Group.”


“La mort inopinée de Monsieur MIKO me laisse dans la détresse.
Mosieur MIKO était était un homme très bon,intelligent,travailleur et d’une simplicité légendaire. Il était un Patron très attentionné qui inspirait respect,estime et amour. C’était vraiment un Grand Homme.
A sa Famille mes très sincères condoléances.
Et que Le TOUT Puissant accueille Monsieur MIKO dans son Royaume. ”

Valentino Alily (South Africa)

“It was John Donne who wrote in his poem ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’:
….”Each man’s death diminishes me…for I am involved in mankind…”
But a great man’s death extinquishes me, for it extinquishes a light in the dark continent of Africa…
A candle has burnt out and we cannot even begin to understand the magnitude of our loss!
Adieu, great African Spirit…adieu,Miko!”

Ellen (South Africa)

“My condolonce To the
Rwayitare Fanily
the lord is with you just pray and he will carry you trough this sad time ”


“sincères condoléances ”

Majahezansi Ngcobo (South Africa)


Buti Dlamini. (South Africa)

“My heartfelt condolences to the Rwayitare family and may God be with them in this sorrowful time.”

Christiane Rulinda (Rwanda)

“With Miko’s death Africa has lost a great son!May his soul rest in peace and his life be an exemple for young generations!”

Mr Strive Masiyiwa (Africa)

“Madam Consolatta Rwayitare
” Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion, and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.” 2 Timothy Chapter 1 verses 3-5.
I know your strength, through Him, in whom you have entrusted your hope, hold on tightly to that Word, as He is faithfull to see you through.
God Bless
Strive Masiyiwa

Dorina Bowes (South Africa)

“As you have inspired the nation – you shall never be forgotten.
Many will stay proud of you especially your family. May your soul rest in peace.”

Adhemar Kambale (DRC)

“To a humble Great that i had a chance to know,Africa will miss you.You had done many things for this continent and DRC in particular, but your humility and respect for people did not push you to look for Stardom has most people will do!!.
May God be with you and your family!!

Justin MUNAGNGA (DR Congo)

“I would like to express my deepest regret for the lost of a great man.
I will remember Miko as a great entrepreneur with futurist vision, who helped thousand of people and their family by creating jobs in a country no one wanted to invest (The DR Congo).
Rest in peace.”

Strive Masiyiwa ()


Linda Mbonambi (jOHANNESBUG)

“Remebrance of Miko, may his soul rest in peace and his family be strengthen in the word of God


Miss Linda Mbonambi
Wits University
P/Bag x1


Du Mhango, jr (RSA)

“A loss to Africa and the industry. The best way to remember him would be to carry on where he left off. A great leader, an entrepreneur, a Father, A brother, Son of the soil. His charisma and courage will be missed. May his soul Rest in Peace. Condolences to the Miko Family and friends.”

Isaac Madzimure (South Africa)

“”Condolences to the Family”May the good lord be with the family in during this time of sadness.
God bless

Isaac Madzimure”

Thakhani Makhuvha (South Africa)

“”Our deepest condolences to Miko’s family, friends and colleagues in the telecomunication industry. May his sole rest in peace.””

Alain Nkongolo (SA/DRC)


Jerry Mashamba (RSA)

“May his soul rest in peace!!”

Arthur Mashiatshidi (South Africa)

“Condolences to the Family. Africa has lost a practioner – but his contributions will be well remembered.”

Nozuko Thomas (South Africa)

“Our deepest condolences to the Children,Wife,family at large and friends. No words at this time can make loss easier.Yanga u Moya oyingcwele ungahla phezu kwenu,Intliziyo zenu zibenoxolo.
Miko Rwayitare, May you rest in peace.”


“A great loss to the society”

Dr Kofi Poku Quan-Baffour ( South Africa)

The passing away of Miko is, indeed, a blow to NEPAD and the African renaissance. May his soul rest in peace.”


“£1 great loss to the society”

Jacqui Moffett (South Africa)

“My heart felt sympathy goes out to the family. May God be with you at this sad time.


“Our deepest condolences to the beloved family of one of our most inspiring entrepreneurs, Miko Rwayitare. May you rest in peace.
From Andre Padayachee of The Sisonke Group of Companies.”

Mugeni Kayitenkore (Rwanda)

“A Conso et les enfants, Albert Gatare et sa famille, Tantine Alphonsine, nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous dans ces moments pénibles. Que Dieu vous raffermisse et reste à vos côtés maintenant et toujours.

Michele van Heerden (SA)

“No words at this time can make the loss any easier to the people that knew Miko, especially his family and his team at Telecel.

My thoughts are with you all at this very difficult time.

I count myself fortunate to have worked with Miko and his team at Telcel and Uganda Telecom, he always challenged and his thinking was always years ahead of us all. He was a true visionary.

His family should be proud of him and remeber and celebrate his achievements, his life has truley been remarkable.

My thoughts are with you all.


gugulethu xaba (south africa)

“may the grace of the lord comfort the family at this time of loss. you are not alone in this loss. we as africans and citizens of the world, feel and share your loss.

nilale ngenxeba”

Peter Manyaka (South Africa)

“My his soul rest in peace and the greatest condolences to the family, partners and friends”

MUGUNGA (Rwanda)

“MIKKO nous quitte quand tout le monde avait encore besoin de lui, Sa famille, ses amis, son entourage professionnel et même le pays.

Au nom de ma famille qui lui reste attachée pour plusieurs raisons ; professionnelle, fraternelle et amicale, j’adresse à toute sa famille restreinte et élargie, mes sincères condoléances.

Que Dieu Tout Puissant l’acceuil dans son Royaume et lui donne un repos éternel qu’il mérite pour la charité et le bon coeur qui l’a caractérisé tout au long de sa vie sur cette terre.

Albert MUGUNGA ”

Glenn Shaw (South Africa)

“Our deepest condolences to Consolatta, the Children, Family and Friends. May God be with you all in this truly sad moment.
Miko was a very special partner who inspired all around him and who will truly be missed. He made doing business an absolute pleasure through his humour, honesty, simplicity, humility and wisdom. He will always be remembered.
God bless you all.
Glenn Shaw

Zhou Fengjing (China)

“Deeply shocked by this news and miss this great man in our industry. I still remember the meeting with Miko one year ago in his house and his kind still impresss me.

Friendship will be continued between China and Africa with more and more understanding and corporation.

Mr. Zhou Fengjing from ZTE Corporation, China.”

Cecilia Mseteka (South Africa)

“Our deepest condolences to the family.
It was only a few month ago we celebrated Parick and Priscilla’s wedding at his wine farm in Franchsoek!
May the good lord rest his soul in eternal peace.

Kim Bruce (RSA)

“Mr Miko, “It was a great honour to have known you, in the short time that I worked for you, you became my mentor, and someone I could look up to. Your honesty, integrity and the way you treated people were unique only to you. I will miss your smiling face.

To Madam Conso and family my sincere condolences. Take courage in knowing that Mr. Miko is with his maker, and that God will give you the strength and guidence to go on.”

Best wishes and God Bless
Kim Bruce”

nkosinathi sishi (Republic of South Africa)

“Africa is poorer without Miko, deepest ccondolonces to the family-you are not alone in grief, Miko was one of the finest sons of South Africa and the continent at large.”

Irene Tulsi (South Africa)

“Mr Miko

It has been a pleasure to have crossed paths with you. Your vision and greatness is enhanced by the humbleness of your soul. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.”

David van Niekerk (South Africa)

“Although I had met Miko only once, I was instantly struck by the knowledge that I had met a rare and special being.

My sincere condolences to the family.”

Anselm (South Africa)

“My condolence to the family”

bruce jewels (South Africa)

“I feel grateful that our paths crossed and that I was able to know Miko. A true leader..A man amongst men…
My love and thoughts to Miko” adored family

Aubrey L Swanepoel (South Africa)


You lead the way and inspired to greatness,
You challenged us and made us reach new heights,
Sometimes it was tough; cause you were a true visionary,
But you supported us – even in some dark African nights.

We’ll miss your smile – that says I already know,
We’ll miss your chuckle that says from this you will grow,
The way you believed in the development of the human race,
The way you worked and shaped this continent’s face.

May your passion live on in the hearts that dearly love you,
May your vision be fulfilled by those whom you knew.
As inspired and motivated, memories in our minds always dwell,
Rest in peace African chief, knowing you’ve run the race well.

Today we are saddened by the loss of a father and a friend,
A selfless leader who worked, built and set a new trend …
Armed with dedication and honour make an African improvement
Lord, may we continue on this African son’s great movement.

2 Tim 4:7

Humbled, thankful, lamenting

Stephen Grech (South Africa)

“Meeting with Miko and experiencing his burning passion for Africa and his people on our wonderful continent has been one of my defining moments.

His achievements and his vision for the future which included inter alia the establishment of a Sovereign University for Africa, marks the road of a Man that stood for what he believed in and eveyone who had the opportunity and honour to have met with Miko cannot help but say “HERE HAVE PASSED A GREAT MAN – AFRICA WILL MISS HIM!!

Our deepest condolence to Consolatta, the Children and Family

Stephen Grech & Family”



At least, this is a person people will genuinely cry for and deeply regret. He was very humble and really wanted to do good things for Africa and Africans. His vision was of a Great Africa. One of the very few Francophone African entrepreneurs who at least proved that there are better ways ( than politic!!!!)to be succesful and contribute to the uplifment of your community.
I personnaly know that he never acted as a Rwandese or a Congolese only, but as an African with a true Pan African vision, even working on creating a Pan African accademy of excellence. He employed the best, from all parts of the continent. Should the continent have one Miko per country, the future of Africa will only be BRIGHT. Rest in peace, …tu en as droit, apres avoir fait ta part. Nous a Pygma, te disons merci

Willy Mukiny Yav Chief Commercial Officer/ Pygma Group

Chukwuma Obidegwu (USA)

” I met Miko a years after I had heard of his tremendouus achievements as a business entrepreneur and innovator. I was struck by his humility and gentleness. I was hoping that I would ab able to See him alive again. Miko, you have been a great leader of our continent. You showed by example, by doing and achiving. We will miss you and we are sure that many other Africans will be inspired by your example. Rest in Peace.

My sympathies to his family and to all the employees of his enterprises.”

Hassan Kabbani (Algeria)

“Dear all,
Miko’s Family members & Friends,

It is with deep sadness and sorrow that I learned the tragic news.

It has been a true pleasure and enriching experience for me to have known Miko. Our paths crossed a few years ago in a very challenging business setting. The relationship was professionally intense and privately always smooth and agreeable.

Miko somehow guided my first steps into Africa. Thanks to him, I deeply appreciated my crossing of his home continent and had the most powerful experiences there.

Educating me on appreciating great wine is also something I have to put to his credit. I will always remember his ever present humanitarian approach and smile that was bringing comfort and warmth to all.

Please accept my sincere condolences which I would like to extend to his family.

He will be missed. Cheers Miko!

May God bless his soul


Then Almitra spoke, saying, “We would ask now of Death.”

And he said:

You would know the secret of death.

But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?

The owl whose night-bound eyes are blind unto the day cannot unveil the mystery of light.

If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.

In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;

And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.

Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

Your fear of death is but the trembling of the shepherd when he stands before the king whose hand is to be laid upon him in honour.

Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling, that he shall wear the mark of the king?

Yet is he not more mindful of his trembling?

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?

And what is to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.

And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.

And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.

From “The Prophet� of Gibran Kahlil Gibran

Memory Shamuyarira (RSA)

“If all people had a mere tenth of the humility and grace that this great man showed, then the world would be a better place. I worked and interacted with Mr Miko for only a brief period but I was humbled by his kindness. My heart goes out to you Conso and the family.

To all the guys at Telecel and MIH, please remain strong and keep his flag flying high.”

Dee Viljoen (South Africa)

“Mr Miko, you bought enrichment to all those lives that you interacted with. Your strong pressence, yet humble, honest and trusting characteristics were the most endearing qualities that I have ever known. It was an honour to have worked for you, even if for a short while. Thank you for your commitment to Human Resources and the development and empowernment of all people.

Your blessings will be plentiful.

Madame Conso and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you always.”

Denis Descour (USA)

“In November 2003, I was part of an Intelsat delegation that was invited at Miko’s farm in Cape Town. He received us with great generosity and attention. Later in the week, he participated to an Intelsat customer event where he presented his achievements in combining satellites and mobile telephony technologies. The title of the last slide of his presentation was “Dream of an integrated Satellite/GSM solution (Miko Rwayitare, Telecel founder)”, where he was formulating ideas on how to make a more affordable solution that could be used by more people. His presentation inspired me and a colleague working at Ericsson and since that day we have been working to promote inside our own organizations and outside the development of solutions of equipments and services based on Miko’s ideas.
I associate my thoughts and prayers to those of his friends and family. ”

Emmanuel B. Kuangu, Tatem Telecom (Dem. Rep. Congo)

“We have lost a great leader, a friend and a mentor. Peace for his soul. I will miss him.”

Angela Chatiras (RSA)

Mrs. Rwayitare and family

My heartfelt condolences to you on your bereavment. I had and always will have the utmost respect for Mr. Miko. May he rest in peace and God be with you and your family always.

Angela Chatiras
Chatiras Attorneys

Mansourou Chitou (Senegal)

“La soudaine disparition de Miko est une immense perte qui sera difficile à combler. L’Afrique particulièrement perd un véritable entrepreneur de talent, un grand visionnaire nourrissant de grands desseins pour son continent.
Ma profonde sympathie va à sa famille, ses amis et à tous ceux qui l’ont cotoyé et apprécié.
Mansourou Chitou ”

Cpt.serge challe (Belgium)

“J’ai un souvenir extraordinaire de l’homme des communications d’ Afrique, comme pilote de son Learjet durant une période de ma vie, repose en paix, ton souvenir restera dans nos coeurs”

Andrew Tyndale-Biscoe (South Africa)

“I only met Miko once at his house in Sandhurst on a potential business deal. He came across as very modest,quiet and kind person, who was interested in only a win win kind of deal. I live just down the road from him in Saxon Road, Sandhurst and certainly feel like the world will be a much porer place for his passing. My sincere comdolences to his family. Regards Andrew Tyndale-Biscoe”

John M. Cruickshank (Zambia)

“I met Miko only briefly on a business matter but in that short time I was impressed by his kindness, hospitality and perceptive attention to the subject of our meeting.

I deeply regret his sad passing.

John Cruickshank. ”

Alexander Yamandou (USA)

A business man
Someone that put the African telecom market on the map.
Someone That help many entrepreneurs to make it big.
A man that always show me great respect.
Maybe we don’t know how much we love someone until there are gone.
MIKO rest in peace I trust on your beautiful children’s to continue on the success road that you trace for theme.
Mogens, Iman , Yacine and Yamandou Alexander.

Rolf Manfred Schmidt (South Africa)

“Being with one of Miko’s ventures I feel deeply sad that there was not a single chance to meet Miko. I believe that Miko was a strong visionary. Him passing is a loss for all of us, those who share these visions and those who were blessed to meet him. My sincere condolences. Rest in peace, and God Bless Your Family. We mourn with you.

Rolf M Schmidt
GTS KwaZulu-Natal”

Abdul K Rwamuningi (Rwanda)

“Le malheur qui vient de bouleverser votre famille nous a petrifie.
Sachez que nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous.
Soyez assure de notre chaleureuse sympathie et de notre indefectible Amitie.

Famille Rwamuningi”


“It is almost unbelevable for myself and my colleagues of Madagascar and around the world to acknoledge this sad announcement. Personnaly, Mr Miko marked 95% of my professional life as I started to work in 1994 (first job) up to now with him. Definetely, my family and I will miss such a great father. Many Malagasy families have got enorme benefit from him when he started the first cellular network in Madagascar. I can easly confirm that the 2 millions mobile customers in Madagscar now days are the result of his pioner cellular network in this country. This page will be not enough to express my condoleances to his family but please allow me to say that we all miss a great father.
May Almighty God takes him to his nearest and his Soul rest with Peace.


Koko ngose MUNGA (Republique Democratique di Congo)

“Ma famille se joint a moi meme pour presenter a toute la famille MIKO nos sinceres et douloureuses condoleances.Il a ete pour nous un frere et un ami . Que le Tres Haut puisse accorder a son ame le repos eternel.

koko ngose MUNGA ”

Jean-louis KATANGA KALUBY (Democratic Republic of Congo)

“A la famille MIko,

Ma famille et moi meme presentons a la famille de l’illustre disparu nos condoleances les plus attristees,que son ame repose en paix.

Jean-louis Katanga K”


“Our condolences and deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mr. Rwayitare.

Partners and staff at G L PALMER AND COMPANY.”

Abraham Hasson (South Africa)

“C est avec une tres grande tristesse que j ai appris cette nouvelle tragique.Un Vrais Monsieur,reflechis,pose ,honnete et plein de bonnes intentions.Tu as tellement entrepris.Je ne pourrai oublie les moments interessaants et de haute qualite que nous avons passes ensembles. Reposes en paix Mico.
Ma femme et moi presentons nos tres sinceres condoleances a Console,les enfants,Albert,Chantale et Dr.Twagira.
Abraham et Rivelle Hasson.

Cleveland S. Harris (USA)

“Please accept our condolences on the passing of Miko. We mourn with Miko’s wife, children, and family. We celebrate the life of Miko and have fond memories of the time we met in Rwanda. Our visit with his family in Johannesburg has placed an indelible mark in our memory book.

We will miss you Miko.

Cleveland S. Harris, Globus Financial Services, LLC.”

Gilbert Nkuli Yen Yengani (République Démocratique du Congo)

Vodacom Congo(RDC)sprl partage toute la peine que les Professionnels des Télécommunications, à travers toute l’Afrique,et particulièrement au Congo, ressentent suite au décès de Monsieur Miko.

Nul n’a fait autant que lui pour la formation et la promotion des Cadres Africains dans le domaine des Télécommunications.

L’Afrique a perdu un Pilier, un Génie, du secteur des Télécommunications.

Son héritage marquera à jamais les Télécommunications du continent.

Nous tous, qui l’avons connu, garderons de lui un souvenir intarissable et impérissable.

Le Seigneur a donné, le Seigneur a repris.

Que son âme repose en paix.

James lee (china)

“we and our family will cherish all memory of all precious moment!
missing you,Miko.

James lee & Yvonne, Sean”

Ambassador MUTABOBA Joseph (RWANDA)

“The loss of Miko is not only a loss for his family but a loss for me and my family as friends of his and his family, a loss for many countries of the world and of Rwanda particularly, a loss for the United Nations and a loss for the world of science and business. We loved him as he was: simple, very bright with a sense of humor many could not have a chance to share and a sense of vision for the future for all. We will all miss him. May he rest in peace. ”

china Kayitesi (Denmark/ Uganda/ Rwanda)

“Rwayitare may your soul rest in peace. I admire your hard work and may many young Rwandans learn from your hard work.
rest in peace

Nelson Mofokeng (RSA)

“Miko was a born leader and a good man at heart as that was what actually captured my attetion and also a good boss indeed.”

Jean-Pierre Kabanda (United Kingdom)

“Miko illuminated many of us in the African telecom industry when he did what many of us thought was unthinkable twenty years ago: Transforming a small African entreprise into a vibrant global competitor. May his entrepreneurial spirit, love of risk and strong attachment to the development of the African continent enlighten us in our professional endeavours. Imana imuhe iruhuko ridashira kandi ikomeze abo asize inyuma bose.

Jean-Pierre Kabanda”

Bouri Jean Victor Sanhouidi (Senegal)

“Miko was a true visionary, a leader and a model for african businessmen! I was really impressed by his simplicity, humility and openness!
His untimely passing represents a big loss for Africa.
I would like to join the many colleagues and friends in conveying my deep sympathy and sincere condoleances to his wife and his children.
May he rest in peace!
Bouri Jean Victor Sanhouidi
UNDP Resident Representative
Dakar, Senegal ”

Dominique VERNIERE (france)

“Je suis vraiement desole d’apprendre le deces de Miko chez qui j’ai passé de très bon moment ,à sa femme et à ses enfants je transmets mes très sincères condoléances.
D Verniere”

Ike Hasson (USA)

“It was with a sense of great sadness that I learnt of the untimely death of Miko. I will always look back with fond memories shared. My sincerest condoleances to the whole extended family and to Albert and family. He will be surely missed and Africa has lost a great son.”

Alex Deprez (USA)

It has been many years since we saw each other last and even longer since we worked together in Zaire. You were a man of ideas and of vision and you were never afraid to roll up your sleeves in pursuit of them. From those first phone calls on those big handheld Motorolas you went a long, long way. It was not a big surprise to me because I know how tough the environment was where you started and how well you did there. Now you are even farther away from us and we will not have the opportunity to share your brillance again, or even a nice cold glass of Tembo.
I will miss you but I have learned from you as I am sure your children have and for that I and many others are grateful for knowing you.
May God keep you and protect you and bless your entire family.
Alex Deprez

John Romney (USA)

“On behalf of Euronet Worldwide, a long time business partner of Miko in Uganda, please find our sincere condolences and best wishes to his family and friends. Miko’s contributions to the telecom, banking and IT sectors will continue well into the future, but his presence and interaction in our day to day activities will be severely missed. Rest in Peace.”

Michel P. Kervella (France)

“I just would like to express my sincere appreciations and thanks to Miko for his long time and continuous help on development of telecommunications in Africa. ”

Leon Jordaan (South Africa)

“It is with great regret and sadness that I have learnt of the passing of Miko.A true businessman and leader. Conso, I am very very sorry to hear of your loss.He will be missed by many.”

Barbara Clarke (USA)

“I had the pleasure of meeting Miko in 2003 and learning about the innovative ways that he brought cellular telephones to DRC and then to the rest of Africa. He was awe inspiring and generous with his ideas for Africa. Clearly he understood the unique business climate and made it work in such a way as to bring much better telecommunication services throughout Africa at the same time making a profit. The successful cellular communications business model in Africa is the foundation for bringing more investments to Africa. Miko will truely be missed.

Barbara Clarke
Washington, DC”

MUSAFIRI Victor Crèspel (République Démocratique du Congo)

“C’est avec beaucoup de peine que j’ai appris la mort de ce monument africain dans le domaine des affaires. Je garde un grand souvenir de ses relations et surtout de ses conseils. Il restera à jamais dans notre mémoire. ”

Jennifer Njelesani (South Africa)

“It is with sadness that I learn of the death of this great father of Africa. He was a true African Visionary! MHSRIP”

Shavirai Mawere (Zimbabwe)

“He was a great man and will be missed by a lot of people. May his soul rest in peace and may those who have remained behind carry his legacy further.It will be a pity if his legacy were to end in his death because its high time we have surviving business empires of an African Heritage.”

Moses Diphare (South Africa,Rivonia)

“”You were a great leader and you showed us nothing is impossible,may your soul rest in peace.””

Adam Andrews (England)

“Miko, you were simply the best of the best. Rest in peace and may be peace of the Lord be with your family.

kenneth Ramoipone (South Africa, Sandton)

“”Lets remember him for his great personal style,leardership, motivation and wisdom. And we know that as a believe in christ he has not perished but, left some giant foot steps for us to follow. May his true spirit of frankness, love for others extend to us all””

Vincent (South Africa)

“You Were a leader a Role model for many and a simple down to earth person.
May your soul rest in perfect peace.”