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Miko Rwayitare

This year we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Late Miko Rwayitare who most regard to be the father of mobile telephony in the continent of Africa having made the first mobile call in 1986 in Congo DRC.

Miko was born in Dec 2nd 1942 in Rwanda and passed on 25th September 2007 at age of 64.

Miko is celebrated by intellectuals, students, technology entrepreneurs and all bound by the cords of innovation and courageous advancement through capital and great ideas.

This motivation Calls us to remember the impacts that improved and superior communication every anniversary of his passing. However this time is 10 years a significant milestone.

To this end a special commemorative ceremony is planned for March 23/24 2018 in Kigali Rwanda.

In 2001, he purchased the Mont Rochelle winery making it the first black-owned wine estate in South Africa now purchased by Richard Branson..among other investments.

Family, ex- Business Partners and all Friends of Miko, I am inviting you to join this “Friends of Miko” platform; share your ideas, photos, videos of what you remember of Miko.

More details on the 10 years anniversary event will be shared with you in coming months.

Albert Gatare

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