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Become a Friend of Miko

As friends of Miko (FOM) we believe that your input in shaping and defining the content and context of this important day in our calendars will be invaluable. Accordingly, we wish to invite your name to the FOM list. In his life He has significantly offered solutions on what can be done to lift Africa up.

Miko’s life provides inspiration to all of us and his accomplishments teach us that Africa’s better and brighter days are yet to come if only we take the time and effort to remember and preserve our rich heritage.

We all have something to contribute to complete the story of Miko and it would be tragic if the stories remain buried until our own exit in our minds.

Let us tell the story so that future generations may know and draw comfort that the journeys that lie ahead have been trodden with distinction before.

We look forward to your participation in whatever manner you may deem appropriate in converting this special day into a day of celebration and remembrance.